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Brickwork cleaning, repair and restoration service


The importance of brickwork cleaning and repair
Over time brick work can become worn and tired. Repointing work is sometimes necessary if you have not had this service performed for a while. It is also possible to repair, and replace, sections of wall, or exterior walls, where these have become destroyed over time. Even the weather can impact upon your brickwork and it may require rendering or grouting. Through the use of our high pressure cleaning services we can make sure that your brickwork is in the best possible condition.We promise that we will use the most advanced cleaning techniques as part of our service. We make sure that every part of the brickwork is repaired and cleaned to the highest building and commercial standards. You will be amazed at the quality of cleanliness that we can restore to the most untidy, and degraded, brickwork. The lines of your property will be straight and if bricks are replaced they will be of the same appearance and quality. We can provide you with an easy, quick, quote.

The advantages of having your brickwork cleaned and repaired are multiple:-

– Adds value to your house and exterior buildings
– Makes it safer and reduce the chances of further structural damage
– Positive for insurance and resale purposes
– Satisfaction of a clean home on the outside, as well as the inside
– Makes future maintenance easier and less expensiveWhat we offerbrickwork-pointing

Whether as a stand alone service, or as part of a bigger project, our brickwork cleaning and repair services can be purchased on a one off basis, or as part of a longer term contract. We can make your brickwork look as good as new, washing and repointing individual areas.

We can offer the following services:-

– A cleaning and reconditioning service that will make your home, or commercial property, look as good as new.
– A repointing and repair service to make your property safe and straighten the lines on your house.
– A unique service tailored to your particular requirements.
– Specialists at traditional brick and stone cleaning and repairs

Customer testimonials

Our service is valued by both residential and business customers. If you have a business where the customer values a good appearance, such as a hotel or restaurant, our brickwork clearing service will be invaluable. For residential customers, with new or traditional properties, our brick repair and restoration service, is worth looking into if you have not repaired interior or exterior walls.

Our customers are very satisfied with our work and you can browse our testimonials from our website. They comment upon the high standards of our work and how disruption is minimal, and that there will be no inconvenience to your home. They also comment upon how appearance and sound construction are the most important aspects of our work and that we are very reliable. Many of our customers say that they would recommend our service highly to other people.

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