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As a business customer, you will be mindful of the impact that building work can make on your company’s efficiency and profits. Whether you are expanding as a business, refurbishing a new store or in need of urgent office repairs, Bromley & Gaines offer a range of extensive services specifically to SMEs and larger businesses. As a trusted local firm, our services can be relied upon to deliver a first class product, on time, every time regardless of whether this is a new build project, property renovation or conversion.

In these austere economic times, Bromley & Gaines are mindful of the need for businesses to be aware of their costs. We will provide you with a competitive, and accurate, quotation for our work before commencing any activity. We take immense pride in providing building services at a reasonable cost but of outstanding quality. This is due to what, in business, are called ‘economies of scale’. Bromley & Gaines employs its own team of dedicated building, plumbing and electrical specialists and are therefore have no reliance on sub-contractors, which helps save on costs. As local, knowledgeable, builders we are also aware of the most trusted local suppliers who can source superior quality materials that are most appropriate to your needs.

Business continuity is also extremely important when conducting a building project. Bromley & Gaines will provide you with an accurate schedule for their work and will minimise disruption to your everyday business activities. We are renowned for our exemplary customer service and for the level of communications we will maintain with you throughout every stage of the building process.

As a successful business, you will be aware of the importance of environmental issues. We ensure that eco-friendly and energy saving materials and products are used whenever possible. Our team of craftsman are trained to the highest standard, and this includes being able to work efficiently, effectively within your property whilst ensuring that your environment is kept clean and tidy throughout the process. With our wealth of experience in serving business customers, Bromley & Gaines will guarantee that you are provided with the best possible building services.

Services to business customers:

  • Competitive costing – you will receive the most competitive quotation available, with a guaranteed level of quality and service
    • Continuity of operations – during the project we will aim to meet your requirements for business continuity
    • A range of services – both small and large works, from repairs and refurbishment to the construction of new business premises are availablecleaning-brickwork
    • Repairs – from minor to major damage to your premises, Bromley & Gaines can quickly restore your business to full capacity
    • Long term contracts – we are able to supply businesses with longer term, competitive contracts for services such as repairs, modernisation and renovations

The key to a successful business is to create a strong working partnership with builders who are local, reliable and provide a service of the best possible quality. Bromley & Gaines are well placed to meet those requirements. They have a range of major commercial customers who have been very satisfied with their services and are ready and waiting to hear from you so that they can make your business the best that it can be.

If you wish to see examples of the previous work we have completed for other local firms, please let us know.


Good Job Guys

“I always thought of ways to increase the resale value of my house and extension ideas from Bromley and Gaines made it all possible for me.”

– Callum