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New Builds

If you are planning to build the home of your dreams it is imperative you find a building company you trust. You are investing not only your money, but also your time, in a process that can not only make you immensely happy, but can also cause you untold grief.

A project as ambitious as a new build requires a large amount of planning and coordination. Speak with us at Bromley and Gaines and you will quickly realise that we are the builders to trust with your dream. We will assist you to get the dream onto paper and then onto the ground.

We will help and guide you through every step of the way, from the initial concept right through to the last snag list. Let us worry about the project and the issues that a rise, you relax and enjoy the development of your new home. However, this does not mean we do not want you around, we want you to be involved from start to completion; more importantly, you do not even have to get your hands dirty.

Whatever concept you fancy for your new build, we can assist you to bring it to life. The project could be based around,

•    energy efficiency
•    wood frame
•    steel frame
•    glass exterior
•    traditional bricks and mortar
•    any other idea you may conceive, the potential is limitless.

Using our own team of expert craftsmen and tradesmen, you will watch as your dream rises from the ground. Once the shell is in place we will need you to make choices on,

•    tiles
•    wood finish
•    doors
•    windows
•    decoration
•    glass
•    appliances
•    kitchen units
•    bathroom suite

The ways you can be involved could go on forever, and Bromley and Gaines want you to enjoy the whole experience.

You will certainly have a budget for your project, but we want you to get the best value for your money. Your budget will affect some of the product choices you make, however, we are there to help you get the best variety of options so your dream stay’s alive.

For the home of your dreams, trust Bromley & Gaines contact us now on 01280 830050.