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Planning Ahead

Changes to your life can often hit you when you least expect them. They can come in many ways and if you are not suitably prepared can cause serious disruption. Three of the most common upheavals involve people. This may be due to the arrival of a new baby in your life; having to care for an elderly parent or relative; or if you or a family member suddenly become ill or disabled. Each of these situations can be challenging; frequently life-changing, leaving you short of living accommodation or bringing the need to adapt areas of your existing home.

Although Bromley & Gaines cannot help with many of the challenges that you may experience in your life, we can provide excellent solutions that can create the valuable extra space you need in your home. There are several ways of doing this, depending on the size and location of your property; the amount of land you have available; and of course, your personal needs. For example; when you need an extra room this can often be created quite easily by converting an existing loft or garage or by splitting one large room into two. If you have the area available, you may prefer to extend your home outwards and upwards with a new build project such as an extension or a granny annexe.

Every home is unique. This means there are numerous ways that extra space can be created through careful planning. When it comes to space creation, Bromley & Gaines has an established track record and many years of experience. This includes making more practical use of what you have by converting existing space to fulfil a different purpose, through to new build projects that will add extra rooms and outbuildings to your existing property. Whilst providing you with a more spacious home, any improvements or additions usually have the added advantage of adding extra value to your property.

When you need more living space, the alternatives are to either move home, which can be a major disruption to your life – or to make better use of the property you already own. Moving home, apart from the obvious hassles, often merely results in a compromise, so why go through this upheaval when a better solution can be found by creating the extra space you need at your current location?

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Bromley & Gaines are experts at space creation and can provide the solution you may be seeking for an improved home lifestyle.

  • Granny flats & annexes
  • Nurseries for additional family members
  • Playrooms
  • Specialist rooms for the disabled
  • Games & entertainment rooms
  • Loft & garage conversions


Excellent Job

“Our Architect gave us BG details for an extension we wanted to build. They made my home look beautiful and charged only what they quoted us. ”

– Finlay