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Price and value in a builder: what is the difference?

False economies

When you are looking for a building firm to employ for your extension, new build or renovations work on your home or commercial property, do you base your choice on cost, or are you looking for a company that offers you total reliability, has established an enviable long term reputation and operates to the highest possible standards of workmanship? Price is, of course, important but we all know that when all things are considered you really only get what you are prepared to pay for.

Sadly, in many respects we have become a cost cutting society and this has been clearly demonstrated in the building and construction industry where price cutting has become rife. It is no wonder that, in some quarters, countless examples of shoddy workmanship have reflected badly on the industry as a whole. A prime concern is builders that have failed to complete what they have already been paid. You probably have heard the horror stories. Plenty concern builders that have been quick to collect their money up-front and have either then disappeared without trace. On other occasions, when they have turned up, customers have been left in the lurch by a builder not completing the work or by doing it so badly that customers have been forced to spend a fortune having the damage repaired. We are not trying to frighten you – but merely pointing out that we regularly hear from people who call to ask whether we can complete or put right jobs that another builder has bodged up.

At Bromley & Gaines we have no intention of misleading you or by hiding anything from you. Our policy has always been based on total honesty and impeccable ethics. This means agreeing a price in advance that is not just right for the job – but a price that is based on using only top-notch tradesmen at every stage of the undertaking – and materials that will last because they are of the best quality.

When you discuss your build project with Bromley & Gaines you will find that we hold nothing back. After all, it is in everyone’s interests to be forthright and upfront even if this means that the quotation we offer you is higher – sometimes considerably so – than other building contractors you may have considered.


Excellent Job

I am highly impressed with the quality of work done by Bromley and Gaines. They completed the work on time and made no false commitments. I was pleased with their behavior and approach towards work. Thank you so much Bromley and Gaines. ”

– Noah

How can some builders provide a quotation that is so much cheaper?

When Bromley & Gaines quote you a price you have the absolute assurance that this will be a fair price. The builder that offers extremely low prices has been epitomized in comedy routines as a dust-covered Jack the Lad who sucks air in through his teeth and shakes his head while quoting an off-the-cuff price that he conjures out of thin air. He acts as if he is doing his customer a huge favour but in reality he will seldom remember what his quotation has been when he presents his final bill. This may be a tongue in cheek way of describing a fictional character but in reality this kind of builder unfortunately exists in abundance.

When an unrealistically low price is quoted, it is only being open and honest for us to say that you will normally find that the quality of the service matches that price. You will find that low prices usually equate to poor service and an equally poor work quality that is generally undertaken by, what are known in the trade, as ‘jobbing builders’ who are far removed from the skilled tradesmen we employ. Many builders are notorious for not turning up when they are expected to and then disappearing to go elsewhere to another job they have started but not finished. Such building firms are only able to set prices so low by taking on a large number of jobs at the same time. They will work only on a small amount of each job at a time, so it will take a very long time to complete any of the building work they take on. This is to give them the benefit of the doubt and any of it ever gets finished at all. Because they have no system of working, you will never receive a commitment or time scale for how long the work is going to take.

Prices quoted for building work that are too low can frequently mean that there are many costs that will be hidden from you in order for them to be given the work that will only be revealed when it is too late. These may include some substantial charges for the costs of finishing, or of employing tradesmen for activities such as plumbing and woodwork. There may also be costs associated with putting right work which has gone badly wrong. In some cases, we know of whole building projects that have had to be restarted from scratch due to a lack of planning permission, or to inadequate structural work. The message here is short and clear – buyer beware!

Bromley & Gaines value for money promise

Having highlighted the poor working ethics of some building contractors, it is time to be frank and forthright by warning you that it would be wrong to expect Bromley and Gaines to quote you the lowest price on the market. However, you will find that we are still extremely competitive and that the services we offer are, pound for pound, represent excellent value for money. You will also be grateful that we are completely upfront and, barring any major changes you might decide upon after work has commenced, that you will be quoted the full price of the job before you commit. We know it’s an age old cliché, but we really do mean it when we say – ‘our word is our bond’. This is not spoken lightly – but is based on Bromley & Gaines having earned an excellent reputation over the years for being 100% ethical. But please – don’t simply take our word for it – take a look at some of the customer comments on our testimonials page.

Our clients inform us that they never feel that they are over-charged To the contrary; they are often overwhelmed at the added value that we can add to their building projects. We will also increase the real value of your property by completing improvements to your home or commercial premises at a price that is appropriate.

With a Bromley and Gaines quotation, you are guaranteed that everything is included. This includes the costs involved in obtaining the appropriate planning permission right through to completion. You will be assured that the comprehensive detailed quotation we prepare for you is the price you will pay – you will not be expected to pay a penny more. Furthermore – unlike some other building contractors – you will not be expected to pay the total price up-front, but in convenient stages as the work progresses. You will have the security of knowing that we will use only the very best quality materials and employ our own team of skilled and experienced craftsmen to work on the project from beginning to end. Upon completion there will be no surprises – apart from being overly satisfied with a job that has been finished to the highest possible standards.

Price or value?

Of course, the decision is up to you. You could decide to go for the cheapest builder that you can find, but that could prove to be risky for the reasons we have described. You could find that the cheap building project that you commissioned turns out to be a long-term nightmare that costs far more than it would had you hired Bromley and Gaines in the first place. We are sure will agree – that when it comes to having a job done properly – value wins over price every time.

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