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How Bromley & Gaines benefits property managers brickwork-pointing

As an efficient property manager, you will be aware that there are constant demands on your resources. Your need to maintain a range of properties, whilst ensuring that they are kept secure, can be a challenging task. Much of your valuable time can be absorbed dealing just with repairs and general maintenance, as well as more complex refurbishments. There is also a need to ensure that your properties are fully serviced with plumbing, electricity, and other utilities and by knowing that every installation meets all legal requirements. To address so many facets of overseeing a property portfolio means you need to juggle a wide variety of project management skills. This can all be extremely demanding, both on your time and energy. One way of easing the pressures is to have a reliable building firm that you can rely upon to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.

Bromley & Gaines is a local firm, that has earned an unrivalled reputation as a builder of trust. Based at Tingewick, just outside Buckingham, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of domestic and commercial property owners throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. As a long-established family firm, we have the resources to provide most types of building services including repairs, renovations, extensions, conversions and new builds. By having our own ‘in-house’ workforce of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen, we can offer the most competitive prices to property managers. As we have no need to sub-contract any work, this translates into considerable cost savings which are passed on to our clients. Having a comprehensive workforce has the added benefit of eradicating the need for you to wait for a key tradesman to complete a job. Efficient project management ensures that the appropriate task force is in place at the right time. This avoids you suffering the familiar frustration that occurs when you are forced to wait for a plumber to arrive to install a new bathroom, or for a plasterer to finish rendering your walls.

In terms of repairs to properties, Bromley & Gaines offers a quick, exemplary service that is tailored to meet your needs. Before commencing any contract, we will provide you with a fully detailed and accurate quotation that covers all labour, materials, fixtures and fittings. Providing you make no late changes to the job specification; we guarantee the price quoted will be the price you pay; no ifs, and no buts.

We respond to urgent calls in a timely fashion and can usually attend properties at short notice, thus keeping any inconvenience to an absolute minimum.

In terms of all building work we provide; Bromley & Gaines promises the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Across a range of properties, we can balance the need for continuity of service with the requirement for quality building and decorating work.

Services to property managers include:

  • Quotations – a free and comprehensive quotation is available on request
    • Repairs – property repairs are available on either a one-off or longer contractual basisgrafiti removal2
    • Safety and security – Bromley & Gaines guarantees that all work is carried out with maximum safety and in compliance with current building regulations. Across a range of buildings, we will ensure security protocols are observed
    • Refurbishment – for a portfolio of properties, Bromley & Gaines can conduct modernisation and refurbishment work as required
    • Contract services – Bromley & Gaines can agree to conduct a range of services for you over a specific period. This can help to reduce service charges for your properties
    • Extensions – to make the most economic use of your space; Bromley & Gaines can extend your existing buildings


As well as repairs and refurbishment, Bromley & Gaines are well placed to maximise the use of your properties and land. This includes offering complete new build services, extensions and conversions, that can transform the versatility of your resources. We are highly experienced when working on listed properties and those with a specific historic interest. For more information on how Bromley & Gaines can be of benefit to you as a trusted building partner, please call us.


Good Work Guys

“If you want home of your dreams then, Bromley & Gaines is just perfect for you. These people know their work and the results they give are simply wonderful.”

– William