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Customer Testimonials

The reputation of any business is founded on its past results. It will rise or fall on its endeavours and what it has achieved for those that are its clients. If a business fails to deliver on its promises then it will not grow, nor can it expect to be successful. An excellent way of judging the reputation of any organisation is to observe what others say about it. If existing and previous clients are willing to speak or write favourably about their experiences of using the business, then this can be taken as a safe endorsement that the firm’s reputation is sound and based on honesty, reliability, exemplary service, fine workmanship and excellent value for money.

It was the best-selling author Paul Theroux that said: “Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing.”

How right he was, for if a business fails to deliver on the slightest thing, it will be judged to have failed and will therefore not be given a second chance.

This is why we prefer our customers to sing our praises for us. And this is why a good proportion of our new business is to return to do further building contracts for existing customers that have previously been completely satisfied with our work. Many of our new clients also come to us as the result of a direct recommendation from someone that has used our services in the past.

An unconditional offer!

We use the repeat and referral work to our advantage, by offering to take you and show you our completed projects. This will give you a chance to see the quality of our workmanship first-hand . In fact, we go one step further, we encourage you to speak to our customers and find out exactly what we are like as builders.

We are not going to drag you kicking and screaming, but it is an option available if you need a little more convincing or just want to put your mind at rest.

There are very few builders who would offer this extraordinary service.

Here are just a few of the positive comments we have received from clients

“I was very impressed with the work done by Bromley & Gaines they were professional to the upmost standards while also causing minimal disturbance to the daily running of my home.” Mrs I L Cook – Summer house & Patio; Aylesbury

“I knew in my mind what I wanted the end result to look like, and Bromley & Gaines exceeded all expectations, they were reliable and were also able to incorporate any ideas I had even after the project had begun.” Mr K S Mander – Ornate borders & Walling; Milton Keynes

“As well as being practical I also wanted the wall of my garden to look right and tie in with my already established garden, well what can I say if you need builders I would recommend Bromley & Gaines to anyone.” Mr H Guy – Perimeter Walling; Buckingham

Quick. Highly Skilled, and for the price nothing short of exceptional, need I say more.” Ms P Larrins



Excellent Work

“Bromley and Gaines took care of every aspect of building my home. I was extremely satisfied with the way they executed their work. I strongly recommend the construction services provided by Bromley and Gaines. ”

– Harry