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VELUX® Roof Windows

Manufactured from high performance materials, VELUX® roof windows have long been popular due to their quality, durability, appearance, and practicality. When compared to some other brands, VELUX products have continued to impress. With an extensive choice, this was enhanced in 2014 with the launch of the VELUX New Generation range.

Whether you are considering a loft conversion in your home, or a new build extension, VELUX roof windows provide an excellent choice due to their energy efficiency and natural light capture capabilities.


 Roof Windows

many different types







With ample styles available, VELUX windows can be supplied in a full range of sizes from a small skylight upwards. These windows are designed with slimmer frames to enhance the glazed area, allowing more natural daylight to flood into any loft or roof space. Should you wish to control the light entering a room through a roof installed window, VELUX roof windows can be fitted with purpose made blinds from an exciting collection of colours as well as themed pictorial blinds for children’s rooms.

Roof Windows

Types and styles of VELUX® roof windows:

  • Top hung with means of escape
  • Centre pivot
  • Conservation style
  • Roof terrace
  • Balcony
  • Flat roof kerbed


Common window sizes and flashings

Velux Pine Frame

VELUX® Pine Frame

The VELUX Pine Frame is a classic style that has evolved continuously during the past few years. It is finished with a triple coating of clear varnish for improved protection against the elements and improved aesthetics.









 Velux White uPVC


The VELUX White uPVC has been popular since its introduction. It is made using high quality moulded polyurethane with a wooded core which provides strength and durability making it ideal for places where there is a high moisture presence.




Ventilation Bar

Ventilation Bar

Many windows now come with an ergonomic ventilation bar that has three stages.
Locked: In this stage the bar is flush to the window and is locked
Ventilated: The bar is slightly open and while the window is locked, ventilation is provided
Open: With the bar in the open setting the window is unlocked






Velux Integra Roof Window

VELUX® Integra Roof Window

The VELUX Integra System is an industry award winner with a range of products that use electrical and solar power to control the functions that can be operated using a wireless control pad. Roof windows in this range provide the ideal solution for locations where the windows cannot be reached. Available in pine and Upvc, Integra system windows add a touch of comfort and elegance to a room. The wiring and motor is completely hidden so the aesthetics of the roof are not affected and the windows can be programmed to close automatically when they sense rain.




Velux Flashing Kits

VELUX® Flashing Kits

A flashing set can be purchased along with a roof window. The main purpose of the kit is to make a waterproof installation into a type of roof covering. A flashing kit however, needs to be bought that fits the specific angle of the roof otherwise it will not do its job effectively.





VELUX® Minimum Roof Pitch



These windows are manufactured in maintenance-free grey aluminium as standard and are best suited for installation into a slate roof up to 8mm think. For optimum results, roof pitches should be within a range of 15° to 90°.





These products are best suited as a recessed installation of a single window into a slate roof that is up to 8mm thick with a roof pitch from 20° to 90°. A coupled version of these windows is also available.



EDZ Flashings


These windows are specifically for fitting as a single roof window into a profiled or a flat roofing material with a profile from 15mm to 25mm with a pitch ranges from 20° to 90°.



EDW-EBW-EKW Flashings


Products in this range are specifically for installation into a profiles or flat roof that is comprised of material up to 120mm thick and with a pitch from 15° to 90°.




EDP-EBP-EKP Flashings


These windows are for installations on a roof with plain tiles with a maximum length of 340mm and roof pitch between 25° and 90°.






These products are designed for a recessed installation into a flat or profiled roof with a profile up to 90mm and pitch between 20° to 90°.


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