Basement Conversions – Existing and new builds

Bromley Gaines are experts in basement conversions utilising your existing space to make a cinema, games, storage rooms in your home. Design,build.

Basement Conversions – Existing and new builds

There comes a time in a family’s life that there is too much pressure especially
because the space gets little each day for the growing numbers. This is that time when a family begins new home shopping. It is a very stressful process because finding a new home after your own heart which is cost friendly would get almost like rocket science. But why would you take the long jump when you have an existing basement or could create one? Basement conversions have become more popular as they are cost effective and add more space to your home without necessarily moving out.

When they are hit by this pandemic, most house owners usually have in mind how they would want their new spaces to be but still, it would be important to work with the main reason why they need the basement conversion as a priority. Working with your already existing basement to create domestic room for instance the living room, the bedroom or even your private sanctuary, considerations have to be made on the footprint, the sources of daylight and ventilation areas, the head height, the existing conditions of the basement and many other significant factors. Synchronizing all these to the client’s needs could be the toughest call and that is why Bromley and Gaines Builders come to make it easier.

Keeping in mind that the main reason why a basement conversion or settling for making a new basement is settled for is to keep low the costs and save as much as possible, this process has to be as cost effective as possible. Bromley and Gaines Builders helps you come up with an affordable plan to convert your basement into something of your wildest imaginations without compromising the quality of your new space.base

Different individuals have different reasons for wanting to create a new basement or basement conversions. Therefore, different basements could be treated to different features.

Here are some of the features you would want to add to your basement;

  • Domestic features; these are like bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. This forms the major reason why most families are pressed with the urge to get more space. Most people argue that these on your basement would add the value of your property. How true this is depends on the magic you make.
  • Most people create new basements or do basement conversions to help them create more space for entertainment. This kind of a basement would cover features like a home amphitheater, a gaming room, children’s play area and a computer games room.
  • Other people simply want more space for academic or work purposes so that their basements would be made to suit the library, a private office or a research room.
  • Social features that would be fixed in a new basement are like bars, a social space or wine cabinets.cinema-room
  • Saunas, heated pools and sanctuaries could also be fitted for the luxury lovers. This creates an ample space for the family members to unwind.Depending on your passions or what you would want to add to your life, Bromley and Gaines Builders will be there to answer your calls.

Benefits of Basement Conversion or Creating a New Basement

  • Obviously, adding a basement to your house provides you and your family more living space. Basement conversion gives you an additional breathing space or better still, enhancing your comfort within the space.
  • In addition to adding more living space, it provides you with a cheaper option of expanding. This is because unlike building upwards that requires foundations, creating a basement will work on the already existing foundation. Depending on the materials you use to develop your basement and the finish you give it, you would also be increasing the value of your property.
  • Basement conversion is also beneficial to you as a home owner as it does not limit your options. Notwithstanding any financial constraints, it gives you the freedom of implementing any design you would desire to apply to make your new space as warm as you like would it.
  • Your property also stands a better chance with potential buyers when it has an existing basement because most people want to save themselves the agony of planning and creating one themselves.

Final Word

All in all, basement conversions or creating a new basement is the new and economical way to give your home a glamorous touch. Contact the Bromley and Gaines Builders today for advice and more help with your basement conversion or creation.

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