The Basics of Building Regulations

If you are considering to carry out any work in your home that includes the following points then you are required to check with your local planning department and building control offer to make sure whether your work is legal or not:

  • Window fitting carried out by a non- registered fitter
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Extension and alterations which may affect the use, access or structure of the building
  • Changing the use of the building
  • Extension of services and addition of new services

If your work is carried out by a registered builder then it is a good idea to check by yourself whether you need planning permission and building regulation approvals or not and if the work you are doing is illegal then it is the owner of the building who will be punished, rather than the builder. Also you have to remember the planning permission is separate to building regulation approval and that is going on, does not mean whether you have gained the other or not.

The builder control officer that you have chosen will let you know at what points of completion they will check your work. If the inspector finds the work unsatisfied by the building regulation guidelines then you are in a risk to change any work that is done or any work finds illegal will not be approved and paperwork will not be signed. That means if you have come to sell the building, the room will not be taken into consideration as a part of the sale and the value of the property will be declined.

If you feel that the ruling is unfair, you can easily appeal the decision. It is very important to suit the option in which you are comfortable. Appealing can be used when you believe that the work you have carried out does not need building regulation approvals that are it doesn’t fit in the regulation categories. It is important to determine when the builder and inspector do not agree over whether the regulations have been legally met or not in that case, the local government will be called to make the decisions.

So it is important to remember, by keeping building regulations approved paperwork will be carried out for the devaluing about your property. Even if the work is done to your house is carried out by a registered builder who claims about the disapproval from planning departments or building regulations then you have to check it by yourself.

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