How to replace your bathroom

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Choosing a look for your bathroom

Modern bathrooms have gone beyond their original expectations. If you are a home owner that views your bathroom as a sanctuary where you can spend some time to relax and unwind, then the world really has become your oyster. With an endless range of dynamic bathroom products to choose from, how you plan your new bathroom is determined by the space you have available, your budget and not least, by your imagination.

At the planning stage, Bromley & Gaines can help you to decide on the overall appearance of your bathroom. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best locations of the individual fixtures and fittings to make the most economic use of your space. You will need to determine whether you would prefer to have a contemporary or vintage style bathroom, or a mixture of both. With so many stylish and practical baths, showers, hand basins and other fixtures on the market, it is possible to create a sensational bathroom that mixes both functionality with visual appeal. As well as the aesthetics of your bathroom, you also need to consider essential utilities such as plumbing and electricity. We can assist you to in determining what is plausible (or not) in terms of your existing services when balancing this with the features you wish to include. If you are a family, or couple, with little time for baths, you may decide to invest in a walk-in shower or wet room. On the other hand, if you enjoy soaking in a long, hot bath as a means of relaxation, you may decide to commission a free standing, or sunken, bath or whirlpool. The possibilities really are enormous, but Bromley & Gaines can ease you through the process by showing you how to make the very best of your bathroom.bathoxford

Time and money

Your bathroom is such an essential feature of your lifestyle that we often take it for granted, until you wish to make changes and realise how inconvenient it can be to be without these essential services as work progresses. Before commissioning any major work, it is important to agree a realistic time frame with your builder. If you have more than one bathroom, the upheaval might be minimal, otherwise it might be wise to vacate your home while the build work is carried out. In any event, you need to leave enough time for the job to meet all technical specifications and regulations. It is advantage during any major construction on your home to employ a company such as Bromley & Gaines that can provide all the required services without having to employ sub-contractors who may be less reliable or not be available at times that are convenient to you.

In terms of expenditure, when considering a new bathroom, it is, of course, possible to source fixtures and fittings yourself and then to commission work from various sources. However, this usually ends up as a more expensive and uncertain option than using a single supplier. It can also mean time and money wasted as technical problems can arise when replacing a bathroom that can delay the completion if you are having to wait for sub-contractors to arrive. Pipes, for example, must be matched exactly when installation is taking place. If you own an older or period property, shortages of the appropriate materials can make completion difficult unless your builder knows where to source what you need.

The best choice

Given the above discussion, several factors can influence your choice of builder when the time comes to replace your bathroom. Firstly; you need a builder who can manage all stages of the planning and design process, without calling in outside services. Secondly; it is in your interests to use a builder who can complete the work within a suitable time frame so that you are not without bathroom facilities for too long. Thirdly; it is always beneficial to hire a builder that can provide all services in-house including electrical and plumbing works. Finally: you need the reliability of a builder such as Bromley & Gaines that can replace and refit all styles of bathroom; contemporary, classical, historic and blended suites and end up with the perfect match.