Building Regulations

Building regulations can be confusing and hard to understand, you do not need to worry about them. Bromley & Gaines will help call us today on 01280 830050.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations should not be confused with Planning Permission; the latter is a requirement governed by law prior to work commencing while the former, are to guide the builder whilst work is in progress.

Changes in legislation means that the days when you could convert or extend a property without a fuss have long gone. Today a myriad of regulations controls the ways that building companies plan and progress every build project. These may sometimes appear absurd to the layman, but every regulation has been devised for good reason, not least to protect the customer. Health & Safety regulations are often ridiculed, but they are in place to help eliminate the accidents and dangers of what might otherwise be a hostile working environment. Building contractors must ensure they follow these to the letter or, quite rightly, face severe consequences for non-compliance.

One of the advantages of using a reputable building company such as Bromley & Gaines in that you do not have to worry about building regulations; this is our responsibility.

In the past it has been too easy for disreputable builders to cover up poor workmanship leaving customers to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, some unprofessional builders are still about that are prepared to exploit a customer’s naivety by cutting corners and taking shortcuts. Their shoddy workmanship normally only come to light until long after the builder has taken the money and disappeared. At Bromley & Gaines we are justifiably proud of our reputation and protect it at all costs by guaranteeing a high quality job at a fair price – every time – without any need to skimp, cut corners or flaunt the regulations!
The Bromley & Gaines Way

Bromley & Gaines has a solid reputation, not only with our clients, but also with the planning officers who are responsible for inspecting ongoing and finished work. As a professional building contractor we are thoroughly conversant with every aspect of the regulations that apply to each stage of home improvement and building work. You are therefore assured that all work that we carry out on your behalf is guaranteed to be fully compliant and will never cause you any unforeseen concerns in the future.

To ensure you use a builder with a complete understanding of Building Regulations call Bromley & Gaines on 01280 830050.