Building Works On Historical and Listed Buildings


Specialist builders are the most viable option for many homeowners who may want to do renovations on historical, heritage and listed buildings. Unlike other types of construction, such buildings have to be worked on by experts and other than that, the right materials have to be used. Similarly, historical and listed buildings require special handling and this calls for extra research and execution which can only be achieved by specialists in the field.

With the right professionals, you can be sure to achieve desirable results on any works done on a listed building. Historical buildings have to be kept true to their origin, and this means that any builders involved in the project must have an eye for detail. Essentially, the repair methods used in such construction work have to be in line with those employed in the original construction.

This is why it’s good to work with companies such as Bromley and Gaines, which has listed building specialists who handle listed building works in Oxfordshire. With such services, you can be positive to obtain excellent workmanship from a knowledgeable and dependable group of professionals. Keep in mind that for you to get a satisfying result and value for your money, any business you deal with must have a clear background. However, before commencing any project on a historical building, it’s essential to consult and find out whether you require permission to carry out the task.

Usually, most works done on listed buildings have to be authorized by the planning authority. This particularly applies to any alterations that may affect the appearance of the building – if you, for instance, need to repaint or add extensions to the building, you will need permission to get on with it.

In the same way, any modifications made on the windows, chimneys, gutters, or walls also have to be done with approval. Thus, to be on the safe side, building owners have to obtain a Listed building Consent and any additional documents beforehand, otherwise, one can get prosecuted for failing to adhere to the laws.

It’s very important to work with specialist builders when it comes to historical buildings because only such contractors understand the architecture best. Qualified workmen can give you the confidence that the renovations are done will be up to standard and aside from that, any potential problem will be quickly identified. Still, it’s good to plan adequately for such projects because in general, they may cost 30-50% over what would be incurred when dealing with projects on contemporary buildings.

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