Expert Loft Conversions by Bromley & Gaines

Loft conversions Oxfordshire and Bucks great way of adding space and value to your home. Call Bromley & Gaines for advice and a quote today.

Expert Loft Conversions by Bromley & Gaines

When your home feels like it is beginning to close in on you and you require more space, a loft or attic conversion can provide one of the best and most cost-effective solutions. This is particularly applicable if the outside area of your property is limited and restricts the option of extending your property outwards. Converting your loft can also be a more attractive proposition than moving home and it can also add considerable value to your property.

One of the advantages of using your loft or attic space is that, the overall area that becomes available may be equal in size to that of the floor area of the property. This leaves the potential for converting the space above your existing living area into a useful extra room.

Loft conversions can sometimes be difficult areas to convert because of the restrictive space beneath the eaves of your home. However, even the most challenging loft spaces can be successfully and expertly converted into an extra living space by Bromley & Gaines. After all, we have vast experience of overcoming the complexities of home conversions of all kinds.

It is quite remarkable how a space that most tend to use for storing excess items that have been accumulated by the household, can be converted into a stylish space that can be utilised as an extra bedroom, office, workroom or recreation room.

If your home has a picturesque outlook, a loft conversion may provide you with an additional benefit by affording you a panoramic birds-eye view of your surroundings by installing a picture window. By creating a room that is located above the other activities that take place within your home, can also provide you with an air of peace and solitude where you can escape to quietly read, listen to music or to generally relax.logt2

Bromley & Gaines will be delighted to discuss the most suitable ways of transforming your loft or attic space enabling you to take full advantage of the extra space a conversion will create. We can arrange for you to visit other projects of a similar kind that we have already successfully completed in your area. If you wish to proceed, we can help by recommending a suitable architect to produce the plans, steer you through the planning application and then carry out the building and finishing work, using our own team of highly skilled craftsmen. Once we instructed, we will give you a guaranteed fixed price (with no hidden extras) for a build project that will be fully compliant with your specific requirements.

If you’d like to discuss loft conversions, or any other building work, please contact Bromley & Gaines Builders at 0128