Design and build: from start to finishconstruction-plans

Bromley Gaines offer an amazing Design and build service offering our customers one stop shop approach to getting work completed from start to finish.

Choosing a look for your bathroom

An integrated service

Bromley & Gaines provide a fully integrated design and build service that includes extensions to existing property or complete new houses, flats, cottages and business premises. By working with architects, allows us to become involved from the outset, by steering the project through each stage from conception through to completion and final hand-over of the property. We have the resources and experience to provide you with seamless, innovative solutions to all types of building construction that, depending on your requirements, can include decorating, and installing fixtures and fittings, ready for occupation upon completion.

Avoid building nightmares

Few builders can offer any more than a partial service. Others are unable to work from existing architect’s plans. But Bromley & Gaines has the capabilities to fulfil entire contracts from the most straightforward to highly complex building projects without the need to hire-in sub-contractors. By employing our own team of skilled builders, craftsmen and related technicians has several advantages. Having our own in-house team of builders, plumbers, joiners, roofers, glaziers, electricians and other specialists has many advantages. Primarily, it allows us to make considerable cost savings. These are passed on to our clients and help to make Bromley & Gaines one of the most competitive builders in the region. Projects can also usually be completed quicker as we are not reliant on sub-contractors, and our efficient project management system ensures that the appropriate workforce is on site exactly when required. You will know how important this can be if you have ever suffered the frustrations of having to wait hours (sometimes days!) for a plumber or electrician to arrive. box-1

From planning to permission

Bromley & Gaines works extensively with architects, designers, planners and other professionals to ensure that every aspect of a project runs smoothly from start to finish. As a long-established family run business, we have forged excellent relationships with a range of professional building consultants who can help you to decide upon your perfect extension or building project. We are also able to advise you on the most suitable, and sometimes less obvious, choices of material, fixtures and fittings. This can often influence how the finished project will relate to ecological and energy saving issues. You will be able to see, on plan and from design, what the finished building project will look like.

Plans are one aspect of our work, but before any work can begin there are usually important legal aspects to consider which can frequently be a headache as well as costly if the details are not correct. Fortunately, our experience when dealing with the many complex issues relating to building construction projects can save a great deal of time and money, as well as ease the frustrations that can be caused. Bromley & Gaines keeps fully conversant with all current building regulations and, as we work on a regular basis with the planning departments of many local authorities, we have a good understanding of what they require when dealing with specific planning applications. The planning officers also know that, as a reputable company, we never cut corners and comply fully with all building legislation. For those customers who live in listed buildings, or where specialist planning permission is required, we have expertise in meeting the specific criteria required for building an extension, or new build project.

From permission to buildingbox-5

Once planning permission has been obtained, Bromley & Gaines wastes no time in starting the building work. Prior to commencement, you can expect to receive a detailed breakdown that explains how and when each stage of your project will progress. At Bromley & Gaines our policy is to plan and manage our work schedule around you, so that any inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum and will fit into your daily routines.
As Bromley & Gaines employs its own integrated workforce, you can be certain that everyone that will be working on your project has the necessary specialist skills to complete the project to an exemplary standard and on time.

From the start, you will be assigned a project manager whose role is to liaise with you on a regular basis to keep you fully appraised throughout every stage of the building process. The project manager will also be responsible for ensuring all materials are delivered on time.

From build to a perfect finish

Once your building has been completed, you may be pleased to know that there is no need to look elsewhere to find a painter or decorator. As part of our overall service, we are happy to provide the finishing touches to the exterior and interior of your project. There is no need to be concerned that any part of your project will fall short of perfection. As we employ only the very best painters, decorators and other specialists, you can be sure that everything will be completed to your full satisfaction.

Why take risks?

Shopping around for a variety of planners, builders, craftsmen and decorators for your building project is ultimately a risk. Even if you find a very good planner, there is no guarantee that their vision will be turned into the reality that you are seeking. This can only be achieved when you know you can place your complete trust in a reliable builder, such as Bromley & Gaines, to undertake the process. We may not be the cheapest, but we are renowned within the building industry for excellent value for money at highly competitive rates. We also offer a fair price promise. We will prepare a fully itemised quotation that will list the cost of all labour, materials, fixtures and fittings. Providing you do not make any changes to the original specification, we guarantee that the price quoted will be the price you pay.