Disabled and Mobility work

Bromley Gaines offer disabled and mobility extensions and works in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Aylesbury and Oxford all backed with a warranty.

Disabled and Mobility work

When it comes to building a new property, Bromley and Gaines work extensively with architects and designers to make sure that they meet all of your requirements, and that the home has both the functionality and aesthetic qualities to meet your needs in terms of your disability. We can develop sophisticated plans, and detailed representations which will indicate to you exactly what the finished home will look like.

As Bromley and Gaines employ a range of craftsmen, from builders to landscape gardeners and painters and decorators, we will be able to meet all of your needs with respect to your new build.


Some people want to meet their needs without the inconvenience of building a new home, or moving. By fitting an extension you can meet your living needs without having to move location. We can fit bathrooms and bedrooms which can meet your needs in terms of your disability. Through fitting specialist equipment we can increase the functionality and use of your current home.

For example, we can build an extension so that an accessible bedroom can be used on the ground floor of your home.


If you have access and mobility issues then a new bathroom should be top of your list of priorities. Bromley and Gaines can take care of all of your needs in this area. Our range of specialist products for this room including the most modern walk-in baths and showers that can be used whatever your access issues are. We are also able to fit bath and shower rails, specialist taps, and other equipment and features.


When it comes to the most important room in the house, the kitchen is at the top of most people’s needs. There is no reason why disability, or mobility, issues should stop you enjoying cooking, and eating, at the centre of your home. We can fit specialist equipment to your kitchen, including specialised sinks, raised surfaces, accessible cupboards and hand rails. We can also make sure that your kitchen is fitted with themost up to date, specialist, appliances.


Other specialist rooms and major adaptations

As well as the obvious rooms, we can also add specialist extensions, or adaptations to your home. Some people would like to add therapy rooms. For children with special educational needs, a light and music room can add a touch or magic to your existing home. For those with physical disabilities, or for relaxation, a hydrotherapy pool can be added to more extensive properties. Lifts and hoists can also be fitted to your house at a competitive price.

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