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If you, a member of your family, or a friend, has a disability then you will know how important it is for them that they retain their sense of freedom and access whilst they are at their own property. Dignity is extremely important if you have a disability and it is important that all practicalities are met so that personal freedom is maximised.

Bromley and Gaines have a wealth of experience in all kinds of adaption for those with a disability.

They use the latest techniques and technologies, basing their building work on guidelines produced by architects, medical professionals and occupational therapists.

Whether you wish to consider a very minor adaption to an existing home, or a complete new build which is built to your exact requirements, you will find that Bromley and Gaines are able to meet all of your needs. They have many years of experience in fitting adaptions, and in the construction industry more generally, so you will find that they will take not of all of your, or your loved one’s, needs when refitting a building.

They also work closely with architects and will be able to design an extension, or a whole property, from scratch. Frequently needs change and many of our customers have found that by working with Bromley and Gaines over a number of years, a relationship of trust can be built so that work can be undertaken at short notice and to a very high standard.

Functionality and aesthetics

When it comes to functionality, Bromley and Gaines put this at the forefront of their work. Bromley and Gaines use specialist equipment and suppliers where possible, and can fit your property with state of the art fittings that will enable you to live in comfort. From bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens, Bromley and Gaines have the experience necessary to meet your requirements. However, they do not just focus on functionality alone, and understand that aesthetics are very important when it comes to making adaptations.


Bromley and Gaines will make sure that the adaption fits perfectly with the existing decoration of your home. Their experienced painters, decorators and finishers, as well as their joiners and carpenters, will make sure that the adaption is stylish and will make your home not only functional, but beautiful as well.

When it comes to adaptations for disability, Bromley and Gaines are your trusted partner in terms of functionality, aesthetics and quality. Why not call them today, and find out how they can meet all of your building, and related, needs, with relation to disability?

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