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I doubt whether there can be many people that, having invested in buying a home, reach the conclusion, eventually, that they need extra space. This can, of course, be caused by a variety of reasons such as unforeseen changes to your personal circumstances.

There are only three options when a lack of space starts becoming a burden; you can either move to a larger property, create extra space by extending what you have, or simply continue by doing nothing and putting up with things as they are.

You may find that ultimately the time comes when the third option becomes too restrictive and therefore must resort to either of the two other alternatives. Often, the most economical and less drastic solution is to have an extension built to your existing home.

The usual reasons for requiring more space are:

  • your family is expanding
  • ill or elderly family members need to live with you
  • an unfortunate illness or accident means you require specialist accommodation

We would be the first to admit that buying a suitable property might be an easier proposition, but when you are very settled at your current location, uprooting and moving elsewhere may not offer too much appeal. There are also many reasons why this may not be feasible:

  • your work may mean you need to live in your current locale
  • family ties make it more attractive to remain where you are
  • you are unable to find another suitable property in the area
  • your financial situation is against a move
  • you love your current property and have no desire to move

Extending your existing property can often be the most attractive proposition, providing you have sufficient space around your house where building can take place. This is usually the most cost-effective way of creating the extra room you need without the upheaval associated by moving to a new house.

Bromley & Gaines

At Bromley & Gaines we have built our business firmly on trust.

When a property is first designed, the full potential of a building or plot of land is not always identified. What tended to happen in the past was that many builders looked at the market or the requirements of the area and built properties of a size that they knew would sell. In more recent years there has been a trend for many homes to become larger but with less land surrounding them.

If you have sufficient surplus land taken up by the garden or land close to the property, this can often be utilised to extend the house so to provide you with more space.

Bromley & Gaines has the capabilities of tackling all types, and sizes, of extension work. This could include creating a room in your loft or garage, extending outwards or, in certain cases, even beneath your property, or by building a self-contained annex. In many houses, there will be a part of the existing structure that can be put to better use.

This might involve removing an internal wall to knock two small rooms into a single larger space; or vice-versa by erecting a wall to divide a large space into separate rooms. When some older houses were built, commonly many had only a single story kitchen or utility room at the back. It is often feasible to build upwards by adding a second floor to the original structure.


You can be reassured that Bromley & Gaines will make sure your new work matches the existing property in style, colour and design and that it meets any local ecological requirements.

There are numerous examples of properties where a jobbing builder has built an unsightly extension that sticks out like a sore thumb by not blending in with the rest of the house or other nearby properties. We can assure you that this will never happen when you hire Bromley & Gaines.

We achieve quality results by working closely with you from the initial discussion through to the finished detail. As we regularly work in partnership with a variety of reputable architects and designers, we are happy to recommend someone that is best suited to produce the plans for your project.

Furthermore, because Bromley & Gaines directly employs every skilled builder, craftsman and technician that will be involved with your extension, this not only means we can complete work in less time, but also save money by not having to hire-in sub-contractors. Thus, we can pass on the cost savings we make to you. We offer you a fully detailed quotation that includes all labour, materials, fixtures and fittings and you will see from this that our prices are not fair and provide excellent value.

We may not always be the cheapest builder, but overall, we offer highly competitive prices that are guaranteed. Providing no substantial changes are made to the original specification, you also have our promise that the price we quote, will be the price you pay, with no hidden added extras.

If you’d like to see some of the projects we have already completed in your area, please let us know, as we will be delighted to arrange for you to visit. In the meanwhile, if you would like to discuss how Bromley & Gaines can create extra space in your home, please call us.

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