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Frequently Asked Questions

However helpful we try to be with information on our website, we expect there may be other questions that may need to be answered if only, perhaps to clarify something we may have missed explaining in full.

However, it is virtually impossible to provide information on every query you may raise; but if you require an answer to a specific question, please do not hesitate in calling us.

Below is a list most frequent questions that we have been asked, along with their answers.

Bromley & Gaines is a Home Counties based construction company that provides solutions to most domestic and commercial building requirements. We do not employ sub-contractors; all work is carried out by skilled craftsmen and tradesmen that are employed directly by us. We feel justifiably proud of the outstanding reputation we have gained for the quality of our workmanship; fair pricing policy: and for completing projects on time and within budget.

No, all our quotations come free of charge and include a true costing for all labour and materials that will be used to complete your project.

You don’t … as we take care of it for you. Planning applications are made through your local authority. However, as part of our commitment to you, we take care of this as part of our role.

Although we will design the entire project for you; we like to treat the design process as a partnership that involves you in the process. Our prime aim, when taking on any project, is to give you what you want and not what we think you want. It is a two-way process that can only be achieved successfully by liaising with you from the beginning.

The short and sweet answer to this is a resounding “no!” Unlike some competitors, it is our policy to directly employ skilled craftsmen and tradesmen as an integral part of our workforce. These are all specialists in their fields that we trust to produce an exemplary standard of workmanship.

Yes, property maintenance is an essential part of our business.

Because Bromley and Gaines has its own team of tradesmen we can tackle every type of maintenance.

Of course, but first we need to visit your property and discuss what it is you are looking to achieve. We can then provide sound advice and suggest the most suitable ways to achieve your aims.

Not at all! In fact, we actively encourage you to view our previous work and talk to any of our previous clients.

Bromley and Gaines carry full third party liability insurance against the unlikely event of any accidents or mishaps.

All work carried out by Bromley and Gaines is fully guaranteed against the occurrence of any unlikely defects or problems with any of the work we have completed.

The owner, John Bromley, personally manages all projects. You can expect to speak to him from day one; thereafter he will always be your first point of contact.

Bromley & Gaines

At Bromley & Gaines we have built our business firmly on trust.

Not all work requires planning permission but we will be able to advise you whether this will be necessary. In any case, we take care of all your planning permission requirements when required. All work must be carried out within the current Building Regulations. It is our mandate to ensure that we keep fully up to date with current building legislation.

Yes, we have a team of highly experienced plumbers and electricians on our workforce.

It is impossible to give you an idea of costs, nor even a ‘guesstimate’ before discussing the project with you and assessing the amount of work involved. It would not be fair to do so either because every job is unique. However, you are guaranteed that once we have a clear understanding of what the project entails, the price we quote prior to starting your work will be what you pay – with no hidden extras added afterwards. This is, of course, subject to no unforeseen changes that may wish to have implemented as the work progresses, or the rare likelihood of any unforeseen problems occurring.

Normally we take a deposit when the work is agreed; then, depending on the size of the project, we may take stage payments, with the balance payable on completion; obviously subject to your 100% satisfaction.

We do not provide finance ourselves; but we can refer you to a reliable independent financial advisor who has experience in obtaining finance for new builds and home improvements.

Certainly, we will be delighted to arrange an evening or weekend appointments to discuss your project.

To the best of our ability we will schedule the work around you. If this means fitting in with your holiday plans, this will not usually be a problem. We will also work at weekends or during evenings if necessary. Please bear in mind that some work may physically take longer than you may expect, but we will work with you to organise a workable timetable to minimise any disruption to you and your family.

Because a building project can change unexpectedly as it progresses this can sometimes add to the final cost. However, any alterations to the original build project are unlikely to arise suddenly, so there is usually ample opportunity to discuss any potential cost increases in good time or offer you alternative solutions when applicable. Cost increases are generally caused by two reasons: 1) On rare occasions we may encounter unexpected problems 2) Sometimes client might request extra’s or different products to those previously agreed at the start of the project.

Hopefully our reputation should speak for itself. Bromley & Gaines would never have become as successful as it has if we had failed to deliver on our promises. Please read our testimonials page that contains the comments of delighted clients. Each project that we work on is assigned a project manager whose task is to ensure that the work is completed on time. Should you still need further reassurance after meeting with us; please talk to our clients who will tell you how they found working with us.

Normally we say “no”, but it really depends on the size and complexity of your project. Most building work can be organised to minimise any disruptions to your normal lifestyle, but you must be prepared for a certain level of disruption and clutter although we do our utmost to keep this to a minimum. With large scale work, moving out may be the sensible option, but if this is our recommendation we will make it clear from the outset.

The only thing we ask you to do is to clear areas and provide easy access whenever practicable to the parts of your property where the work is to be done. It would be helpful to find alternate parking areas for your cars, as we will be expecting deliveries, and will need to manoeuvre our vehicles as close as possible to the building to provide access to our heavy equipment.

The Bromley & Gaines service includes