Garage Conversions

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One of the simplest ways of creating extra living space in your home is by converting your garage into an additional room.
Instead of using the space as intended for parking their car under-cover, most people tend to treat their garage as a place to store the over spill of items that cannot be comfortably contained within their homes. It would be no exaggeration to suggest that many of the things that find their way into home-owners’ garages is unlikely to be required ever again. If you can identify with this, then a garage conversion could be of benefit to you.

Another reason why garages are seldom used for their intended purposes is that those built as an integral part of older houses are often too small to accommodate larger modern cars. Thus, the volume of space offered by a garage can readily be put to more practical use by converting it, without too much difficulty or cost, into an extra bedroom, office or recreation room.

As most garages are already attached to the house, with remarkably little work they can become a useful part of the rest of the property just by creating an internal door, where one does not already exist, and by converting the inside to meet your specific requirements.

Even when your garage is a standalone building that is detached from your home, it can still be easily converted as an additional living area or as a grannie annex, if it is of a suitable size or when the necessary space is available to extend its size.

Bromley & Gaines

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Bromley & Gaines has the expertise to convert your garage into a variety of customized rooms. By adding design features such as a mezzanine floor, glazing, doors, efficient insulation, heating and ventilation most garages can be transformed into fully functional rooms that can be put to a whole variety of uses. The only real limitation is the size and overall height of the original structure; but even the smallest garage can be turned into a decent size room to be used as a home office, extra bedroom, workshop or recreation room.

There is always the potential to create a design that still allows for some of the excess ‘junk’ (bikes, garden tools etc.) to be stored safely and securely, but without encroaching on the extra living space.

To get the most practical use from your garage, you need the reliability of an innovative building firm that has the imagination and vision to create something that will add true value to your existing home.

At Bromley & Gaines we have the resources to advise, design and create a fully functional extra room from your existing garage at a highly competitive guaranteed price. As we maintain our own workforce of skilled builders, craftsmen and technicians, all work is completed in-house without the need to hire-in sub-contractors. This translates into cost-saving quotations and a shorter project build time.

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