Loft extensions a simple guide

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Loft extensions a simple guide

Why a loft extension?

As your family grows, or when you need more room to extend in your property, you will have a difficult choice to make. You may decide to buy a new property which, of course, means that you will have to pay some additional costs. Stamp duty, solicitor’s costs, and the cost of removal vans and personnel means that it is very expensive to move house. There are also the emotional costs of leaving your home, and perhaps moving job or forcing your children to change schools. In this case, many people decide to undertake a more sensible, and realistic solution, which is to extend their existing property with an extension.

When it comes to an extension, most people start with a loft extension. The loft is an under-used space in most people’s properties and will often not be used at all. Even if you currently use your loft for storage space it has great potential as a living, working or sleeping area. There may also be energy efficiency advantages as, when compared to other types of extension, a loft extension can benefit from the heat generated in the house.

Types of loft extension

There are as many different types of loft extension as there are families.

Firstly, there are different loft extensions in terms of purpose. Some people use their loft extension as an additional sleeping area, perhaps for a teenager or for guests when they visit. Others use a loft extension as a work area, or for hobbies.

Secondly, there are simple or more complex loft extensions in terms of the layout, the work that is performed on supporting beams, staircases (or other forms of access) and windows.

Finally, loft extensions can be built so that fixtures are set in place, or where they are adaptable. For example, a loft extension can be used as a work area during the day, and as a sleeping area at night.

Planning and building permissions

When it comes to commissioning a loft extension you will need to make sure that all of the correct permissions are met. You may have seen that there have been a number of cases where builders, or untrained individuals, have completed a loft extension and have been made to take it apart as they did not get the correct permissions. With our service we always make sure that we have acquired the correct building and planning permissions before starting work. In the case of buildings which are listed, this may take a little longer, as the permissions required are more exacting. However, we have the experience of gaining planning permission for all types of property.

Light and space

One of the most important criteria when you are planning your loft extension is the amount of light that it will have. This depends on the quantity and type of windows that you have in the extension and whether these are dormer or velux windows.

You will also need to consider criteria of space. If a loft is big enough then it may be possible to split it into two separate areas, depending upon planning and building regulations.

Dormer windows

Dormer windows are a very popular choice in terms of a loft extension. These windows extend from the front of your loft and will be in keeping with your existing property. These windows can give you extra shelf and living space, and will be in keeping with the character of the loft. Dormer windows can be installed depending upon gaining the correct planning permission.

Dormer windows are popular with those people who need additional standing space in the loft. They provide a view over the front of the property and give the appearance that your property has an additional storey. This may increase the value of a property.

Velux windows

Velux windows open outwards from the top of the loft. They do not extend from the roof in the same way as dormer windows. Velux windows can let in natural light from the top of the house. They are usually cheaper than dormer windows, although this depends on the type of velux windows that are installed.

Velux windows are very good in terms of letting air into a property. They are difficult for children, or young people, to open and may therefore provide an additional safety feature for your loft.

The perfect finish

Whatever you decide for your loft we also provide a full fixture installation, painting and decorating service. Our work is guaranteed and we always make sure that a customer is fully satisfied with our work before signing off on a job.

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