Guide to Bifold Doors

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Introducing a New Generation of Bi-Fold doors for contemporary living

Truly bespoke doors that will add style and versatility to your home

Bi-folding concertina doors can turn your living area into a bright open-sided garden room during spring and summer that brings the outside indoors. In winter, the tight-fitting composition of the doors provides an environment that is secure and draught-free, keeping you warm and snug while still allowing plenty of daylight to enter the room.

 Bi-Fold doors can be used as a stylish design feature that will not only enhance the appearance of your home but will dynamically transform the potential by creating more space.

 With a wide range of finishes and colours, Bi-fold doors can be supplied in wood, aluminium or uPVC and configured to fit any space. Extremely flexible, they can be folded flat, both in and out, and are easily opened or shut with ease in moments.

Bi-fold doors are adaptable, secure and suitable for interior as well as exterior use. Externally they can turn a living room or dining area into a bright and airy garden room; internally they can be used to temporarily convert large rooms into smaller units.

Interior Bi-fold doors are particularly useful for small spaces such as cupboards, laundry rooms and closets; while exterior Bi-fold doors are specifically suitable as a point of entry into any dwelling or outbuilding.

Bi-fold doors are manufactured with the following unique features. 

  1. They are supplied with complete tracks and fittings, that allow them to be opened in both inward and outward directions, either left or right
  2. Bi-Fold doors are available as pairs that fold in one direction, or as four-door sets that split in the centre with two doors that fold back to each other
  3. Bi-Fold doors can be supplied in even or odd number doors to meet your requirements
  4. The doors are manufactured in various styles, shapes and texture of wood, aluminium or uPVC
  5. Bi-Fold door panels have the versatility to be connected as a train and can be joined in a number of configurations depending on the design or your preference
  6. The doors are designed to be ultra-flexible, enabling them to be opened fully, partially or totally closed
  7. Bi-Fold doors combine both visual appeal and functionality
  8. Constructed to provide insulation while also having the capability to conserve the heat within your home
  9. Sealed door frames and panels that prevent moisture from accumulating

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The many benefits of Bi-Fold doors

  1. Effortless to operate as they run smoothly on a tracking system
  2. Modern. Slim frames that fit flush to floor and ceiling
  3. Exterior doors allow more natural daylight to enter your home
  4. Bi-Fold doors keep the cold out in winter, but allow the outside in during summer
  5. Design flexibility. Bi-fold doors can be manufactured to different designs including arched, rectangle or squares
  6. Bi-Fold doors have the capability to be folded in or out depending on the space required and your preference
  7. Ideal as emergency exits as they allow easy access and exit from a property without any confusion or risk of the doors locking
  8. The two-way concertina feature of Bi-Fold doors provides the option of opening in either direction unlike conventional doors that usually only open one-way
  9. Bi-Fold doors can be custom manufactured to suit either domestic or commercial applications
  10. Available in various colours and finishes for greater choice
  11. Bi-Fold doors come in a range of styles to match your home
  12. Choice of glazing using toughened, standard, or laminated glass and can be double glazed
  13. Quality build products That have strength and durability
  14. Virtually maintenance free once installed
  15. Attractively designed to enhance your home
  16. Secure and safe
  17. Fully guaranteed

Reasons to install Bi-fold doors

  1. Bi-Fold doors can be used to connect or divide living rooms, entertainment areas and provide uninterrupted access to gardens and patios
  2. The doors can be custom designed to match your space, taste and preferences
  3. Bi-Fold doors comply with British regulations and are designed and built to keep out harsh British weather conditions
  4. Ease of operation. The doors open and close smoothly and run on a track system
  5. Ideally suited for commercial premises where there is a need to either create more space or to divide larger areas. They are therefore perfect as partitions in hotel, restaurants, conference centres, recreation centres and offices
  6. Bi-Fold doors offer a smooth and quick option to transform the shape and size of rooms on a temporary basis and can be used in your home to create a space into a garden room
  7. Bi-Fold doors are built to offer security and are fitted with an effective locking system, with each door having its own independent locking mechanism
  8. Subsidiary doors are fitted with an independent shoot-bolt locking system that engages with the top and the bottom of the frame to provide additional security
  9. Bi-Fold doors are the perfect choice when you wish to create an open living space indoors. They enable a seamless transition from a cosy winter room to a bright, open-sided area in summer, simply by sliding open the doors

What is included

As stated above, your project manager will be there to assist and support you through every aspect of the process. However, we like our clients to feel they are also an integral part of the overall undertaking so like you to remain involved. As an integral part of this process, we try to eradicate any disruption that working in your home can cause to your daily routine, therefore we do not suggest you vacate your home during the build process. It is vital to us that the project you have dreamed of, is the reality with which you live.

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