Guide to Replacing your kitchen

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The Bromley & Gaines Guide to replacing your kitchen

House prices are rising at the moment. However, whether this trend is set to continue or not in what has, in recent years, become quite a volatile market, nobody can quite be certain. Nevertheless, owning a home is still widely regarded as one of the best investments you can ever make, though it can be worthwhile to make certain changes and improvements to your property that might increase its value.

The best way to increase the value of your home

Many experts consider that a new or improved kitchen, provided it is completed to a very high standard, can be a good way of adding extra value to your home. It can be quite amazing how an attractive, quality kitchen can be the deciding factor when buying or selling a house. The kitchen, by tradition, is

often regarded as the heart of your home, so it follows that estate agents and buyers alike place a high prominence on the style, design and build quality when making a valuation. This is due to its importance in the lifestyle of many families, or individuals, that probably spend a high proportion of their time within the kitchen environment.

In recent times, with the growing popularity of TV cookery shows such as Master Chef and Saturday Kitchen, men and women of all ages now attach a considerable value to having a stunning kitchen that serves equally as a practical space, and as a room that forms a focal point of their homes.

Space and practicality

When making a decision to change your kitchen, you need to balance the criteria of space with practicality. Firstly, in terms of space; there are various considerations to take into account. Will it be used solely for the preparation of meals and for cooking; or will it also serve as a family or guest dining area?

If you tend to spend a great deal of time in your kitchen, you will probably wish to add plenty of touches to personalise the work surfaces, storage areas and appliances to suit your particular cooking preferences.

Many domestic kitchens today take their influence from professional models by featuring range-style cookers and ovens that are larger than were once the norm, as well as hard wearing work surfaces made from natural materials such as granite, or hardwood. These not only look impressive but are extremely durable and easy to maintain.

If you have the space, then you might also choose a larger American-style refrigerator that are increasing in popularity, or to include a central ‘island’ for food preparation or dining.

Secondly; in terms of practicality you may prefer a kitchen area that can accommodate a range of purposes. Kitchen design is often about economy; not necessarily just in terms of the cost, though this is important; but in the way your choice of appliances balances out against the need for storage and extra work surfaces.

It seems that everything about a kitchen, in some way, ends up a compromise, especially if the space available is at a premium. However, kitchen equipment and storage units can be found with space saving in mind so the problems of limited space can be overcome by choosing the most practical items.

It can also be to your advantage to take advantage of the services Bromley & Gaines can offer in helping you design the kitchen that is absolutely right for you.

Bromley & Gaines

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Fitting your kitchen professionally

In terms of design, style, choice and quality; there has probably never been a better time to buy a replacement kitchen. The favourable prices that were once only previously offered to building contractors are now available to the general public.

It is now possible to buy a complete kitchen from your local DIY retail outlet, or via the internet. Many companies that sell kitchens also offer a fitting service within a fixed price, though you need to follow caution as horror stories of poorly installed units are sadly extremely commonplace.

Unless you are an accomplished joiner, then following the DIY route can so easily turn into a nightmare and only end badly in disaster. What seems like a good deal at the time can often become prohibitively expensive as the cost of fitting the kitchen exceeds expectations.

When it comes to the crunch, you can really only expect to have a truly customised kitchen, with everything fitting perfectly and finished to an exacting professional standard by going to an established business, such as Bromley & Gaines.

As we employ our own workforce of skilled craftsman that specialise in kitchen installations, you will know from the outset that you are in capable hands.

Adding value to your kitchen

A little known secret about adding value to your kitchen is that detail matters. Even small features such as efficient mixer taps, hard wearing non-scratch sinks and innovative worktops can add real value to your kitchen. Similarly, storage systems that are practical yet unobtrusive can make the kitchen a more productive area, both in terms of your enjoyment and by being aesthetically appealing.

However, it is the overall built-to-last quality of the storage units, work surfaces, tiling, lighting and other fixtures that can determine the true value. If your kitchen is to serve as a practical asset, by achieving the right detail will provide a means of helping to add greater value to your property.

Why Bromley and Gaines?

At every step of the process from designing your kitchen, through to sourcing and fitting the most stylish and practical fixtures and equipment available; Bromley & Gaines can provide the expert guidance you need to achieve the perfect kitchen.

Our design team and craftsmen know kitchens inside-out and they are here to help you create a desirable kitchen from a basic initial concept. We have many years of experience working with spaces of all shapes and sizes, and have the capabilities to produce stunning designs that can turn a previously cramped and unmanageable space into a domestic cook’s retreat. Nothing inspires the creation of superb food more than having a pleasurable environment in which to prepare and cook it.

Bromley & Gaines can supply and fit a range of outstanding kitchen storage units, fixtures, fittings and other items that match your needs. Even if you have already considered buying your kitchen online, or from a retail outlet; before you go ahead, please contact Bromley & Gaines to see if we can supply a similar, or better, product at a more competitive price.

Our specialist team of plumbers, electricians, joiners and tilers will ensure that your kitchen is installed in the shortest possible time to an exacting standard of workmanship. As a local, friendly, business, your needs are our prime consideration and we will work with you to from beginning to end to achieve a finished installation that you will be proud to own.

In conclusion, whatever happens to house prices, the kitchen is likely to remain key to the value of your home. Bromley and Gaines will make sure that your new kitchen exceeds your expectations, and adds prestige for your home for many years to come.

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