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In recent years, flooding and gale force winds have caused extensive damage to many homes in various part of the United Kingdom. Aside from the huge inconvenience to home owners, whenever a natural disaster occurs, the news will focus on the immediate damage to properties and how this damage is going to be repaired and paid for.

When adverse weather or some other catastrophe places properties in danger, public attention will be drawn towards the insurance companies and how they are going to facilitate a vast number of claims. The media are quick to react by placing insurers under the microscope, challenging their reputations by highlighting any failure to provide timely solutions to the plight of those whose homes come under threat.

As we know, the media will clamber at every opportunity to discredit insurers if they fail to meet property damage claims promptly and efficiently. Insurers therefore, are put under immense pressure to have damaged homes and business premises repaired and returned to a habitable condition without delay. Failure is not an acceptable option if an insurance company is not to be singled out as the subject of adverse publicity.

Unfortunately, matters do not end with insurers. Even if they do settle claims quickly, ultimately their reputations can rise or fall on the effectiveness of the building companies they approve to repair or reconstruct any buildings that have been damaged or rendered uninhabitable.

By hiring a building company that is not quite up for the job of answering the call to repair damaged buildings to a satisfactory standard will also reflect poorly on the insurance companies that instruct them.

It is critical, therefore, for insurance companies to be able to discriminate between individual building companies that have a trusted and reliable reputation, and those that should be disregarded.

Bromley & Gaines are one such builder that has earned an enviable reputation for its reliability and effectiveness as a building partner. We are proud to have built an excellent track-record for maintaining utmost efficiency in situations when we have been put under pressure.

By employing our own in-house team of skilled workforce of builders, bricklayers, joiners, electricians, plumbers and painters, gives us the edge over other builders that rely on sub-contractors. We are therefore ideally placed to rise to any challenge put to us by insurers.

Whenever the need arises, we have the resources to meet the demands set by the insurance industry.

Bromley & Gaines

At Bromley & Gaines we have built our business firmly on trust.

Certified & approved

As a certified and approved firm trusted by insurers, we at Bromley & Gaines are known in the sector as a reliable, efficient and cost effective provider of building services.

As such we are ready and able to deliver solutions in response to insurance claims. Our workforce can be mobilised to fulfill as many different building and construction functions.

When this relates to insurance claims on properties, we will carry out permanent repairs to make a home or commercial premises safe, secure, and habitable, or completely rebuild any structures that are damaged beyond economical repair. Whatever the incident; whenever a property has been damaged by extreme weather, fire or vandalism,

Bromley & Gaines can be relied upon for our timely response to emergency situations.

As well as being fully compliant with the requirements of insurers; Bromley & Gaines is also the building company frequently chosen to pair with architects, developers, and property consultants to carry out property renovations, build extensions or construct new build projects.

Fast acting & dependable

Bromley & Gaines is quick to respond when called upon to repair, rebuild or make good any domestic or business properties that have been subjected to an insurance claim. Our aim is to provide urgent assistance, when required, to home or business owners in need, swiftly and professionally.

We are adept at mitigating damage and by restoring a property to its former condition. Our in-house team of builders, craftsmen, decorators, and other skilled technicians can undertake every aspect of the work required that will return a damaged property to its former glory, or by carrying out a complete re-build when necessary.

You can also depend on our administration team to complete the necessary documentation, guarantees and other paperwork that is required when working with property owners and insurance companies.

When you require a dependable local builder to rectify any damage to your property, choosing Bromley & Gaines will bring you peace of mind. Once the insurer has given approval, we will carry out damage assessment and fully repair any structural damage to walls, ceilings, roof, and the like, or rebuild premises that are deemed beyond repair.

We are proud of our capability to respond to urgent calls in a timely fashion, thus minimising any undue stress and inconvenience caused to the property occupants. We liaise with insurance companies to work with property owners of all kinds of premises that are involved in a damage claim, and ensure that all work is carried out effectively and to our usual exemplary standards.

All building work is carried out in compliance with any insurance claim and in compliance with current building regulations.


Cost-effective pricing

At Bromley & Gaines we are known for our transparent approach to pricing. This means that we can offer outstanding build quality and an enviable level of service at prices that are highly cost-effective. Although we offer a guaranteed price, we never promise to compromise. Our policy of using only the best and most suitable products and materials on every build project is set in stone.

We have a reputation of being one of the most cost-effective firms in the industry. This enables us to keep labour costs down by employing a comprehensive in-house team of highly skilled builders, craftsmen and technicians. This means we never need to ‘buy in’ highly-priced sub-contractors at short notice. Efficient planning also enables us to have the right team in place when it is needed which leads to greater and more effective productivity.

This guarantees that your policy holders will have the advantage of being able to return to their repaired property much sooner than might otherwise be the case, while your future profitability can be maintained by taking advantage of our keen pricing strategy.

If you are a home owner looking for a quotation for building or repair work that is covered under an existing insurance policy, please contact us.

Insurance companies and claim handling companies please call us on 01280 83 00 50 to discuss your requirement with one of our Directors

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