Knocking Down of Internal Walls

It is also possible to enhance the appeal of your property without spending a huge amount of money. Many people knock off the internal walls in their house, leading to more space and light. You need not always go for a costly building extension if you have a small home with cramped space. It is possible to greatly enhance the layout of a property with small kitchen by just demolishing the wall between the space and the dining room.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that you would require the assistance of a good builder to do the same. An unplanned inner wall demolition can lead to health hazards as well as unbalanced structures. So what you need is a careful planning to make such a project highly successful.

Often the task of inner wall demolition is referred to as ‘knock-throughs’. As per the requirement, this task may involve complete wall removal or just creation of a new door opening.

These builders employ reliable structural engineers to assist with planning the best solution for your home. Once it has been decided by the structural engineer to move with the best suitable plan, the site work starts. Also, there are a few considerations to be kept in mind before you go for such a job:

It is wise to erect dust screens across every room. As the inner demolition is expected to generate a lot of dust, it is important to have prior arrangements to deal with all. Also, whatever is the quoted price from the builder, it should be inclusive of various other factors such as repositioning of electrical connections. Also, as the wall gets removed, there is need to allow the remaining loads to be safely transmitted to the ground. So you have a reliable consultation from the structural engineer.

Also, in case the walls are not load bearing, you would still require to consider the fire safety factor. The wall being removed may be providing fire protection. So you may require the consent from the authorities before you go for such demolitions.

Always choose a builder who gives you an honest estimate and suggestion regarding such a project. This is a great idea to change the look of your house but it needs to be carefully executed. So always choose a builder who is well experienced in executing such projects. Also, keep your budget in mind as you discuss such projects with the builder.

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