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Bromley & Gaines – Services to landlords

Landlords face many pressures and find it increasingly necessary to locate a building firm who can provide a full range of services, particularly at short notice. If, as a landlord, you wish to attract the best tenants, primarily you must consider the condition and quality of the property you are letting. Whether you are renting in the domestic, or commercial market, makes little difference; your tenants will expect a well-maintained property with excellent utilities and decoration that is of the highest quality. Without these essentials, you are only likely to attract low paying tenants who are often unreliable.

The cost of maintaining rental properties can be high, and, if you are going to maintain the profitability of your properties, you will need to reduce your overheads wherever you can. One way of doing this is to establish a strong working partnership with a building firm who can provide a reliable service at a reasonable price.

This is where Bromley & Gaines comes in. As a trusted local builder, we work with many landlords in the area. We carry out all kinds of work, from repairs to refurbishment, so that our client’s rental properties always remain in tip-top condition.

Neglected properties soon fall into decay and this, ultimately will cost a great deal more money, as well as lost tenants, if repairs are delayed. It is therefore usually cheaper in the long term to invest in a quality builder that can maintain your properties. At Bromley & Gaines we offer both bespoke and longer term, contractual, repair, refurbishment and redecoration services that will not cost you the earth.

You will find that, in addition to providing extremely fair and competitive prices to landlords, we never add any hidden extras. We will also offer you a detailed quotation on each job that itemises all labour and material costs.

We achieve our keen pricing policy by employing an in-house team of skilled craftsmen and technicians that are individually trained as:

  • builders,
  • plumbers,
  • joiners,
  • plasterers,
  • painters and electricians.

Bromley & Gaines

At Bromley & Gaines we have built our business firmly on trust.

By eradicating the need to hire in external sub-contractors, allows us to pass savings on to you. This keeps prices down; it also means our workforce is more economically utilised. From your point of view, with Bromley & Gaines you will never experience any uncertainty caused by having to wait for a technician to arrive; so, if you have windows that need replacing, or you require a bathroom refit, you will know that our workforce will arrive at the pre-arranged time most convenient to you. Efficient project management also translates into less wastage as well, both in labour and material costs.

As it is in your interests to schedule any building and maintenance work around so that it causes minimal disruption to your tenants, you will find that at Bromley & Gaines we arrange to carry out any work at a time that is most convenient to them. It is also our policy to work unobtrusively and efficiently with the minimum of disruption.

It is never wise to leave any building defects longer than necessary, as this usually turns a small problem into a major one that ultimately will be costlier the longer it is left. Bromley & Gaines will work with you to restore your properties to their former condition and ensure that they stay that way, enabling you to let your flats, houses and commercial premises quickly, often at premium rents. We encourage you to look at some of the properties we have already maintained in your area, so that you can see the outstanding quality of our work, first hand.

Services to landlords include:

  • Repairs – from simple repairs in one property to multiple; long term repairs for a whole property portfolio
  • Decoration and refurbishment – to make sure that properties are re-let quickly Bromley & Gaines provide a range of decoration and refurbishment services
  • Extensions – as a landlord you will be aware of the need to increase property space and tenant numbers. This is often feasible by extending existing premises to add to your capacity
  • Contract services – landlords can rest assured that repairs can often be conducted at short notice

As builders experienced in working with landlords, Bromley & Gaines are aware that there is no single approach to meeting the needs of every client. Some landlords specialise in residential properties, whereas others invest mainly in commercial properties. The advantage of the services that we offer is that they are flexible and can therefore be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Whether you require an urgent short-term solution, for example, to rectify a building defect, or you are interested in discussing the many benefits of working with Bromley & Gaines on an extended contract; we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

What is included

As stated above, your project manager will be there to assist and support you through every aspect of the process. However, we like our clients to feel they are also an integral part of the overall undertaking so like you to remain involved. As an integral part of this process, we try to eradicate any disruption that working in your home can cause to your daily routine, therefore we do not suggest you vacate your home during the build process. It is vital to us that the project you have dreamed of, is the reality with which you live.

The Bromley & Gaines service includes

Design and Build