Let BromleyGaines Give You More Quality Family Time

Let BromleyGaines Give You More Quality Family Time

“Dinner’s on the table!” calls mum, and the all too familiar response can be, “Can I have mine in the lounge, please?” Fed up of trying to make the dining room family-friendly, we relent and let the kids eat their meals in front of the TV while we also decide to forgo the formality of the dining room ourselves in favor of the kitchen. We know it’s not the best course of action, but our much longed for dining room just doesn’t suit family style. What’s the solution to this very modern problem? A BromleyGaines family room, combining the practicality of a kitchen with the versatility of a dining room.

Whereas once every aspiring family sought a dining room in their home, the family room has now become the ultimate home must-have. Families who have decided to combine their kitchen and dining room report that they are spending more quality time together as children find the new room less oppressive than stuffy, formal dining rooms. The family room also tends to provide more usable space than a separate kitchen and dining room, thereby allowing more furniture options, such as a sofa or armchair for more relaxed seating, in addition to a table and chairs. If you’re looking for a reliable company to improve your living space. Click here!

How Having Extra Space Gives You More Quality Family Time:

The extra space also gives the opportunity to cleverly store away televisions and game consoles, along with computers, meaning children can relax in the family room too, whilst you prepare meals.  Some may be cautious that a less formal dining arrangement can mean an end to dinner parties or inviting family and friends over, however, the family room not only provides social benefits for families but wider entertaining too. You no longer need to worry about the sauce boiling over in the kitchen whilst you make small talk in the dining room or lounge, as a family room means you can carry on with those last-minute touches at the same time as entertaining your guests.

“The family room is an increasingly popular request from our customers, many of whom have seen friends and neighbours enjoying the benefits of a combined kitchen and dining room, and want one too. As a result, we are seeing a growth in our business whilst much of the construction market remains subdued,” says John Bromley, of BromleyGaines Builders. “With happy customers in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Northamptonshire, we are always prepared to come out and discuss options with potential new customers who are after a customer-friendly building company.

Much of our work ones from recommendations, and for us there is little greater satisfaction than knowing someone loved our work so much they recommended us to their friends. Every family has different requirements and we pride ourselves on offering a personally tailored service to meet this, including project management,” said John.  Whilst some trends in home improvements in recent years have not always equated to added value, BromleyGaines are confident that a family room, combining kitchen and dining rooms, will be an enduring trend for years to come. As such, swapping a small kitchen and small dining room for a comfortable family room that encompasses the two should be on every family’s wish list in their home. Not only will a family room add value to your property, but BromleyGaines believe it will enrich your family life too!

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