Lime plastered walls

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Choosing a look for your bathroom

A living, breathing property

It is a tragedy that many houses have had the traditional lime plastering removed from their walls. Lime plastering is a traditional technique that allows air to move through the walls and also absorbs water in the atmosphere. People who live in houses with lime plastering often talk about the benefits of this form of wall coating which makes the house more airy and comfortable to live in. Bromley and Gaines have the experience required to restore lime plastered walls. We can also create lime plastered walls in properties which no longer have lie plaster. Our treatments will allow the walls to breathe and restore them to their former beauty and effectiveness. Whether you have a house, cottage or other type of property you may find that lime plastering is a good solution for you.

As lime plastering is a traditional treatment it requires careful application and planning. You need an experienced, and reliable, builder, if you are going to think about applying, or restoring, lime plastering in your home. Bromley and Gaines are your trusted, local, experts when it comes to this timeless technique.

Structural benefits of lime plastering

Lime plaster does not only help a house feel and look better, but it also has important structural benefits. In older houses, cracking can occur where there is a cement based render and where moisture has formed in this render and walls. Lime plastering can help to remove this moisture and hence reduce this cracking.

Lime plaster is also, generally, more effective in removing moisture from the atmosphere than other forms of plaster work. Particularly in a bathroom or kitchen area, moisture can cause damage to surfaces, walls and appliances. The benefit of lime plastering is that it can substantially make the air less moist and so save your home from further damage due to damp.

The need for expert builders

Lime plastering is not an easy job which any builder can conduct. As a traditional technique it requires skilled craftsmen to accomplish the plastering, which is very different from modern forms of plaster coating. In addition, care must be taken in terms of the materials used. It is very important that the right kind of lime plaster is chosen for the walls, and not just any lime plaster treatment. Moreover, the finish applied to the lime plaster must be in keeping with the look of the house. There are very different setting times for different types of lime plaster and these need to be taken into account. Finally, for external plastering, account must be taken of the weather conditions in the area. Cold or damp can impact upon the installation of lime plaster.

With Bromley and Gaines you can be sure that all of the above factors have been taken into account. Bromley and Gaines are experienced craftsmen with a local reputation for lime plaster restoration and repair.

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