List non standard constrcution types

Some of the Non standard construction types

Planning to build the home of your dreams can be an exciting process and journey. If you want something unique but still stylish, you can go for non-standard construction types UK. These will help set your home apart from the rest. So you do not end up with a home that is brick walled, tile roofed and looks like all the others down the block. There are different types of non-standard constructions to consider.

Steel framed construction.

This is a contemporary way of building houses. It is preferred due to the flexibility it gives in design. It is a great option when you want to build a large house on a small piece of land. It is resistant to wind damage. So you are sure of having a sturdy and firm house. This type of construction yields a house that is not easily combustible so there is no risk of losing it to fires.

Wattle and daub

This is a form of construction where reeds, mud, animal dung and chopped straw are used between the timber frames in the building. This is a form of construction that was use hundreds of years ago and is an ancient technique. It has started becoming popular again due to the fact that it offers flexibility to the finished building. This is an intricate construction process and it requires expert workmanship. Therefore, only a few construction workers can be able to pull it off.

Standard construction

This involves the use of blocks in the inner walls and bricks on the outer walls. There is a non-standard construction type that uses timber frames on the inner layer as a support. Since the timber is also surrounded by bricks, the house will look just like a standard one from the outside. This results in a versatile building that will stand the test of time. This can be seen in other timber framed buildings that were constructed a long time ago but are still standing up to now.

Pre Fabricated

If you want to have your house built quickly and in a contemporary design, you can go for a pre fabricated house. These are sometimes referred to as kit homes. They are made in a factory and all the different parts of the house are constructed but separately. Once you make a purchase, these parts are then shipped off to the construction site. They are assembled quickly and constructed into a finished home.

Pre fabs are a lot cheaper than the regular homes. You do not have to spend a lot of money buying all the individual building materials. In addition, you do not have to worry about hiring so many construction workers. Only a few will be needed to set up everything. Pre fabricated homes are versatile and you can choose to have a bungalow or a storied building.

Many standard homes have slopping roofs that are normally tiled. Non-standard homes can have flat roofs that do not have the characteristic slope. This has to be carefully designed in order to ensure that it is sustainable and durable. A flat roof means that you save on a lot of building material as well as space. The flat roof is also a great way to have extra sitting space outdoors. You can set up an outdoor living space on the roof complete with tables and chairs.

Some of the non standard construction types in the UK –


Aire –Orlit – BISF (British Iron & Steel Fedeation – Reem – Cornish- Stent-Dorran- Swedish Timber Frame- Dorlonco- Tarran Bungalows- Dyke- Tarra- Newland- Hawksley BL8- Unity- Hawthorne-Leslie- Wates- Kenkast Bungalows- Wimpey No Fines- Laing Easiform- Woolaway


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