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If you are privileged to own a listed building, then you will be aware of the many challenges and frustrations facing you. Maintaining the property can be a difficult exercise but whenever you decide to make structural changes or undertake any kind of alteration to the property, the process can be a nightmare. The regulations imposed by local authorities and bodies such as English Heritage are in place to protect buildings of significant historical value.

However, these are not in place to prevent the building from being kept in good condition, but they do ensure that many of the features of the original construction are preserved. The regulations, therefore, act as a guide to what you can and cannot legally do to the property. Nevertheless, the regulations do require quite considerable interpretation and you should be aware that any unapproved works on a listed building constitutes a criminal offence.

Because the pitfalls of altering listed buildings are many, it is clearly advisable to seek professional advice well in advance of any work being commenced. You will also need to find a builder that you know has the necessary experienced to work on listed buildings.


Bromley & Gaines has, over the years, successfully undertaken a variety of construction projects involving older buildings including those that have been categorised in each of the listed grades. The company employs its own specialist craftsmen that are experienced in working with older construction methods.

Buildings are listed according to different categories. Those that fall into the Grade 1 category are the most protected; while Grade 2* are buildings that warrant more than special interest; while Grade 2, the largest group. are buildings of national interest. Listing covers all parts of a building, though many owners have fallen foul of the regulations by being unaware that the interior of a property is also covered within the listed classification.

It is also important to be aware that even later changes to the building, including any attachments or fixtures can also be protected, and other structures that are on the land occupied by a listed building may also be part of the listing.

Grade 1 listed buildings, as the most protected type, as might be expected, carry the most rigorous regulations in terms of building and planning. However, if you plan to make any changes to a listed building of any grade, you must apply to the local authority and/or English Heritage for consent. This will only be granted on the strict understanding that the extent of such changes will not significantly alter the character of the building. The same rule applies to buildings located within a conservation area.


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The granting of permission to undertake work on any listed property is subjective and can be controversial. Each local authority tends to approach issues in a different way, hence why it is vital for you to work with a trusted architect that can guide you through an application. It is worth noting that Bromley & Gaines can recommend an architect that is familiar with the planning processes relating to listed buildings that are in force within your area.

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The planning and building regulations that govern changes to Grade 2 (and to a lesser extent Grade 2*) buildings are less rigorous. However, listed building consent is absolutely necessary whenever you are considering making any changes to a graded property.

The above caveats on character and compatibility still apply, though. Bromley & Gaines have extensive experience in terms of alterations to the interiors and exteriors of listed buildings. You can be confident that any work undertaken on a listed building will be within the regulations and to the highest standards of craftsmanship. You can also rely on the company’s flawless approach to project planning before, during and after the work



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As stated above, your project manager will be there to assist and support you through every aspect of the process. However, we like our clients to feel they are also an integral part of the overall undertaking so like you to remain involved.

As an integral part of this process, we try to eradicate any disruption that working in your home can cause to your daily routine, therefore we do not suggest you vacate your home during the build process. It is vital to us that the project you have dreamed of, is the reality with which you live.

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