Loft Conversion: Bathrooms and Ensuites

Loft conversion has been a new trend in the modern way of house making. Not only that it helps one to maintain his budget easily, but it also generates more space within the same area. A loft conversion can be a perfect place to house a new bathroom or ensuite. Sometimes it so happens that you need a bigger bathroom to facilitate a growing family. If you are planning to create an extra bedroom or guest room in your loft space, here we have for you a few handy tips to consider before creating your new bathroom.


One of the most important requirements of any bathroom or ensuite is plumbing. Depending on the demand, specific piping that will feed the attic room will be required to install so that clean water can get to your new bathroom and dirty water is extracted. According to the type and setting, a whole separate drainage will be installed the system.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can be a major issue if you are trying to feed a loft bathroom. A new boiler may be needed to be considered as most of the time, loft conversion happens to be an idea that springs out later. When initially a building is built, the storage is made according to the structure and the demand within that.

But with a conversion, the requirement expands and that also means that you might require you considering the fact that your old boiler is not capable of achieving the pressure levels you will require. A good builder or plumber for Loft Conversion in Aylesbury will surely be of great help in this aspect as you will need proper advice on the specific requirements before you start this job.

Power Supply

With all electric work, there are rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind too when fitting a bathroom or ensuite in your loft or for that matter, any of your extensions would require you to take care of the power supply.

It is imperative that these regulations are followed to the letter as the combination of water and electricity can be really dangerous if you do not follow the specific health and safety guidelines. It is suggestive always to consult a qualified electrician, plumber or a good builder as a starting point while carrying out the electric work in a bathroom. Or you can also follow a Guide to Replace a Bathroom.

Weight Support

It is really important to see if your loft will be able to support the weight of a bathroom. Attic spaces, in general, are not originally built to house bathroom suites. So, it is likely that the room will need some reinforcement work to be able to hold the weight of a new bathroom suite. No doubt, it is a great idea to use your loft as a bathroom.

But the other conditions cannot be ignored at the same time. It may require some structural work and an implementation of a new sturdy floor which will be able to hold the weight of a full bath of water. You can also think of fitting a shower or toilet without a bath. It will require less reinforcement work and hence be an option that may cost less money and be easier to install.

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