Loft Conversions – A Beginners Guide

A Beginners Guide on Loft Conversions

Nowadays, when you go out in the market to buy a property, the constantly rising prices will make your efforts more difficult. It just seems impossible to own a property and if you already own one, then it’s difficult to maintain it. Like who doesn’t want to add some extra space in their home, but this will also require a luxury budget. Loft Conversions have come up like a help, as they will let you acquire some additional space, that too in the easiest possible way.

The market value of your property will be increased as you will be getting some extra space in a more effective manner. Before going for loft conversion, you must know the details about how they work and how they will convert your house. There are many benefits of having a conversion, if it is done in the right way. Your house will gain you 20% more Rate on Investment, when you sell it after conversion. Your house will become brighter, full of lights and an additional floor is like getting a cherry on the cake.

You will not be disturbed, while the conversion work is going on, as they will access your roof from outside.

Different methods are followed by loft conversion and some of them are listed below:

  • Mansard Loft conversion: There was an architect in France named Francois Mansarti, he was very famous in the 17th century for his various roof designs. This loft conversion was named after him only. In this double slopes are used which are close to each other. In this you can maximize the use of your space, which is available in your loft. A timber frame is created after raising the gable walls on both the sides. This will give you the desired space. Planning permission is required before the construction work and it suites the best for properties which are old.
  • Rooflight loft conversion: It doesn’t require planning permission and is very cost effective. It doesn’t disturb the current roof structure and is aligned with the roof. It is useful for properties which has bigger headrooms. Ample light will be there, as windows are installed. For summers you can add windows blinds in the nights.
  • Dormer loft conversion: The existing roof is extended, which provides some extra space. Various styles are there, in which the roof is extended. The walls are kept vertical and the ceiling is kept horizontal. A great solution to extend limited space. You can also go for gable fronted and hipped dormer, as it requires less space within the conversion. But, these are also complex and costs more.

For loft conversion keep all these facts in mind:

  • Rules and regulations must be followed given by planning authorities.
  • Go for professionals and ensure you have a contract.
  • Be careful about your decisions and flexible with all the changes.

To go for Loft conversion in Brackley, Northampton is the solution for all your extension needs. You can trust the right builder about your property construction needs and you will find that they hire right experts to carry out conversions.

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