Disability and Mobility Home Adaptations

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Disability and Mobility Home Adaptations

Many people consider that when it comes to adaptations for disability, and infirmity, that they are very old fashioned and are unlikely to use the latest technologies and designs. When it comes to adaptations to your home, Bromley and Gaines consider that this should not be the case, and even for minor adaptations there are a number of ways in which you can add comfort and sophistication to your home. In this short guide, we introduce you to some of the adaptations that we can make to your house, or apartment. However, we advise you to contact us directly as there is so much more that we can tell you if you would like to consult us for a free, no obligation, quotation.

The technological home

EAT stands for Electronic Assistive Technology. You may have seen in science fiction films devices that allow you to open doors, turn on and off lights, and access appliances from an easy handset, or even from a smart-phone or tablet.

EAT allows you to do many simple functions in your home without the need to leave your seat. Because EAT is compliant with many standard devices such as computers, tablets and other smart technology, you will find that it integrates easily with your everyday life as you currently live it.

We can also fit easily useable technological devices for access and security to your home, allowing easy access for family and carers.

Mobility issues

We provide a range of hoists and mobility aids to enable you, or your family or carer, to enable easy access and mobility around your home. This can also involve simplifying access to your bed, or bath. Bromley and Gaines can also fit ramps to your property which are stylish, and functional.

We can also fit doors to your home which are specially designed to allow easy access to wheelchairs. Widening doors and passageways is another building service that we can apply to your house. All of our mobility solutions are bespoke so they meet your exact needs. We will not choose an ‘off the shelf’ solution if that is not the best way to meet your requirements.
When it comes to kitchen and bathroom adaptations, you will find that we have a range of baths, showers and walk-in rooms which can meet any kind of access issues.

These are not only designed with your requirements in mind, but are also of a high standard of aesthetics. We work extensively with architects in everything that we do to make sure that our designs meet your specifications.

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