Orangeries. A historic legacy for your home. The orangery is a classical building which has a legacy stretching back nearly four hundred years.


A historic legacy for your home

The orangery is a classical building which has a legacy stretching back nearly four hundred years. An orangery is very similar to a conservatory, but has extensive windows which allow the light to penetrate and illuminate every aspect of this fetching building. The predominant feature of an orangery is windows in the roof. These can be flat or arched but whatever their design they are constructed to allow as much light into the orangery as possible. As well as windows in the roof, the orangery will also have extensive windows to the sides and the door also has large windows to let in further light.

As the name suggests, orangeries were built for the express purpose of growing citrus fruits away from the elements but with a facility for capturing light. Not only oranges were grown in these buildings but also other citrus fruits such as limes and pineapples. Having an orangery was a sign of wealth and prestige and wealthy families would often use their orangery as a summer house.

Orangeries today

Today, orangeries are not used to grow citrus fruits but then can make an excellent addition to your home as a conservatory or out-building. Unlike a conventional conservatory building, an orangery has a delightful aspect to it which means that captures light and is a way to enjoy the feeling of the outdoors whilst being cosy indoors. Fortunately, it is not just the wealthy who can today afford an orangery and they are available at prices to suit all people’s budget. Bromley and Gaines can help you to select the perfect orangery for your home. They can plan and build the orangery for you quickly and efficiently so that it is ready for the next season.

Why Bromley and Gaines for your orangery?

When you are thinking of having an orangery as part of your home, you need to make the right choice in terms of employing an experienced builder who you can trust. Fortunately, Bromley and Gaines are a local builder to you who have extensive experience in the planning, design, construction and fitting of orangeries.

From start to finish, Bromley and Gaines will be sure that you are happy with all aspects of our service:-

   Planning permission is needed for most orangeries. We can advise on the best ways to obtain planning permission and supply you with the necessary details and contacts, helping you with every part of this process. Whether you live in a new, or period, property, we can advise you as to the best way to proceed.

   We have a range of orangery designs that you can select from. We are happy to modify these designs in the light of your needs and specifications. Additionally we are happy to take on original commissions and can work with an architect to realise your vision.

   We use the best possible materials in the construction of your orangery. We use robust and aesthetically pleasing brickwork and wood materials. We also have a range of windows and doors for you to choose from to make your orangery truly spectacular.

   The construction of the orangery will be quick and efficient. We will discuss with you in advance all parts of the building and construction of the orangery and make sure that the construction does not impact upon your daily business and routine.

   Once constructed we have our own decoration and fittings team who can supply and fit the orangery to your exacting requirements. We use only the best paints, decorating materials and fitting.

   At the end of the process we will make sure that you are happy with every aspect of your orangery. We are able to provide seasonal maintenance and repairs for existing orangeries but we guarantee the quality of our own construction.

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