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How property investors benefit by working with Bromley & Gaines

As a property investor or someone that has acquired land and wishes to build houses or other buildings from scratch, you will know the benefits of working with a reliable, local builder that is trusted to offer you a highly competitive price and work of an outstanding quality.

Bromley & Gaines is a local firm, with an unrivalled reputation as a builder of quality new builds. Based at Tingewick, just outside Buckingham, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of property developers and owners throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.

As a long-established family firm, we have the ‘in house’ resources to meet your everyday building requirements by creating bespoke homes or commercial premises. Our team of highly skilled builders, craftsman and technicians can meet most building need. Without having to hire-in outside sub-contractors, helps keep overheads down and to pass savings on to our clients. We are also able to complete projects faster and more efficiently because the appropriate workforce is on site exactly when they are needed.

As the builder of choice for house and business owners, landlords and property developers, our fully managed service covers every aspect of a project. This includes working closely with local authorities to obtain the necessary planning permission.

Each new build is assigned a project manager who is responsible for liaising with you on a regular basis to ensure that everything is completed smoothly to time. This is essential when property investment is involved, as profits can slip away if projects are managed poorly. As such, we always work in tandem with your architect to ensure everything included in the plans is fully feasible and translate into a new build that accurately meets your purpose and fits within your budget.

Even in today’s tough economic climate, investing in property is still a wise choice, and we are here to help you make the most of your money. Purchasing land and building homes gives you the opportunity to control your own investment. Alternatively, converting an existing property into flats allows you to gain a slower, more constant, revenue stream. Property into flats allows you to gain a slower, more constant, revenue stream.

Our detailed quotations come free of charge, and we encourage prospective investors to contact any of our previous clients for testimonials about our levels of service.

Bromley & Gaines

At Bromley & Gaines we have built our business firmly on trust.

We welcome clients that wish to play an active role in the process of creating their properties. If you would like your new property investment to include features that offer unique selling points, for example, high energy efficiency or a glass exterior; we have the experts within our team that will ensure your requests are fully met.

We will also work closely with you to select the most appropriate fixtures and fittings. These can be as basic or as elegant as you prefer, depending on your target market for the property you are developing. Our price promise means you will get the best value for your build without any compromise in quality or service.

Although you will find that our prices are highly competitive, we may not always be the cheapest. However, in terms of lasting quality, we do guarantee that everything that we build for you will be of exemplary quality. We never cut corners on the standards of our workmanship, nor do we use any inferior materials, fixtures, or fittings, as to do so would end in a costly long term disaster.

Ultimately, your goal when investing in property is to make a profit and we are here to maximise that profit for you, without sacrificing quality.

Investing in land and property can be a lucrative, exciting and enjoyable business. It can also be a nightmare.

Why risk your money and future when, at Bromley & Gaines, nothing is left to chance?

Not only are our rates competitive, they also have no hidden costs. What we quote you for is exactly what you will get. From day one of your project, the owner John Bromley or one of his appointed team will be your point of contact. Managing all work personally, he will make sure your needs are met and the project finished on time. We welcome calls from property investors of all levels and types, from beginner to experienced, residential or commercial. If you have ideas, let us make them a reality.

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What is included

As stated above, your project manager will be there to assist and support you through every aspect of the process. However, we like our clients to feel they are also an integral part of the overall undertaking so like you to remain involved. As an integral part of this process, we try to eradicate any disruption that working in your home can cause to your daily routine, therefore we do not suggest you vacate your home during the build process. It is vital to us that the project you have dreamed of, is the reality with which you live.

The Bromley & Gaines service includes

Design and Build