Understanding Conservatory Building Regulations

If you are among those people who have been thinking about buying a conservatory for your home, the first thing that must be bothering the most is the building regulations. The building regulations are those set of rules which have to be followed while constructing any kind of establishment. If there is a violation of any rule by anyone, the person has to face severe punishments. There are a lot of Building Contractors in Oxfordshire who have to comply with the conservatory building regulations all the time.

You have to understand the situations when the building regulations are applicable. However, there is a relief for the conservatories as they are exempted from the building regulations at most of the occasions.

Here is a list of the criterion which has to be followed mandatory by everyone in order to remain safe –

1. The conservatory has to be built at the ground level and the size of the conservatory will not be bigger than 30 square meters in the floor area.

2. A minimum requirement of 50% of the new wall and 75% of the roof will be glazed or a translucent material will be used.

3. The external doors which will be fitted should create a separation between the conservatory and the rest of the home.

4. All the fixed electrical installations and the glazing should comply with the building regulations.

5. The Building Contractors in Oxfordshire are advised to avoid the construction of the conservatories where the movement of the ladder has been restricted for accessing the window serving rooms in the roof or the loft conversions.

6. Any new structural opening which is there between the conservatory and the existing house requires the approval from the building regulations.

There is something important which has to be noted. The owner of the home who has hired the Building Contractor has to get a building regulation approval for constructing a new opening between the conservatory and the rest of the home.

Another thing which should be kept in mind is that you have to make sure that the conservatory meets the energy electrical and glazing regulations. The UK government has ordered to set some targets regarding the reduction of the energy and they will make sure that everyone is taking part in saving electricity.

The level of glazing for windows cannot exceed 25% of the floor area of the both the real home and conservatory combined. You have to make sure that the calculations which you have done for the glazing of the windows has to be submitted to the authorities. The local control building department should have all the information about these calculations so that they can keep an eye on the construction.

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