What adds value to a home in leighton buzzard

Attic Conversions or Side Extension Which Adds Value in Leighton Buzzard

Do you wish to add value to your house in Leighton Buzzard? Then, it is time for you to choose between a side extension or attic conversion. With this, you can add value to your home and make more money.

If you plan to add space to your property about less than 40 square meters, then you can prefer for an attic conversion. It doesn’t need planning permission, so you can renovate your home in a more cost-effective way. Even more important, an attic can give you reliable storage, bedroom space or study area, which depends on the ceiling height. On the other hand, opting for a side extension can make more opportunities for money.

Attic Conversions

Attic conversions are usually used as bedrooms. However, it is not considered as rooms. Moreover, attic conversions don’t meet fire rules. With this, it must be 2.4 m high and another 2.4 m for the space across the attic.

You can add value to your house in Leighton Buzzard with attic conversion if it comes with the package. You can prefer for basic attic package with stairs, open-plan layout with a door that come with 3 roof lights. This attic conversion can help you increase the value of your house if you plan to sell your property. In fact, you can convert the attic into a bungalow.

Side Extension  

With side extension, you can increase the value of your house, which can attract more potential home buyers. You can convert the side extension into a garage. The garage can be a window that can allow the light to get in. The best about it is that it doesn’t require planning, so it is easy to change its use.

The side extension of your home must be at least 2.4 m to raise the roof, which is commonly concrete or timber. With this, your side extension can comply with building regulations. Renovating your garage can be a good factor to increase the price of your property.

You can also choose the materials used for your garage to give it an elegant and luxurious look, which can attract the attention of home buyers. With your garage conversion, you can have more space per square meter compared to the attic conversion. You can also get additional money if you raise its ceiling. You can have less cost in the renovation if the structure doesn’t need to rebuild.

In contrast, if you want to comply with building regulations with your attic conversion, you can expect to spend more of your money. If you have a 2-storey home and need attic conversion, you are required to have planning permission to make it as your bedroom.

In today’s modern market, the standard way of making an extension to your home is less than 40 square meters. Make sure that it comes with a modest design that is in-demand for aspiring home buyers. You can use a standard door, which is also a practical way to renovate your home.

To sum it up, attic conversions and side extension can both add value to your home in Leighton Buzzard. You only need to decide which one you think is right for your property. With this, you can boost the value and creativity of your property and gain a huge return for your investment.

To make the best of your property, you must renovate it in a more customized way that can reach or even exceed the standards of potential home buyers. As a result, you can ensure that the effort, cost, and time you invest in your property’s renovation are all worth it.

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